Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wasting Mom's Energy Rules

This is what I have started for my two boys who are having issues with rules.  I am using metal washers for the tokens. They have 12 to start with.  If they loose them oh well less to give me before they sit.  In the past I have used poker chips.  I had washers and spray paint, so they have two different colors of washers.  

You could make your own list and "carrot" (swimming).   Use the issues that are driving you nuts.  I think loosing something seems to help them see.  I know one of mine argues about things so bad.  He is called on something and starts arguing.  I just hold my hand out.  He then decided to toss the washer at my hand, missing so he lost ANOTHER one.   Seems both washers found my hand after that.  This is day two.  Yesterday one of mine swam for 5 minutes.  He wasn't impressed with having to get out :)   Choices.

Wasting Mom's Energy

Bad Attitude
Picking a fight
Being stupid
Not doing chores correctly
Talking tacky or disrespectful to anyone
Tending to others business
Intentionally breaking things
Distracting others at school
Bullying - mean to people

Each washer worth 5 minute swim time.
Lose all your washers consider yourself my buddy until bedtime.