Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Oil talk

Here is a sample of my 11 yo's writing with and without oils.   Neither are great, but there is a marked difference with the oils.  This is just one of the things I see.  The top half of this was a few days ago, the bottom part was a while back, maybe a month.  I think after he started on the oils, but not long.   I wish the lines would show up, the top one IS on the lines pretty well.  The bottom one, lines?  what lines! 
Life with him still isn't always easy.  I figured out he was cheating on school and decided to just redo this years school, along with several hundred sentences.  He is not overly happy, but is not tantruming.  I will take it.   He is SO smart.  He did have to rewrite several sentences as he re-worded them, he assured me that it meant the same thing :)   LOL NO!   Sorry the way I wrote it. 
He has been dry almost a week.  :)   Maybe a new record. 
Just now he was building to a fit.  He had a light bulb moment he isn't playing this weekend.  He really wanted to blow, it was almost like he couldn't.  He was sad.  With good reason.  I ask him if I could oil him.  He handed me the oils and before I was done oiling him he was calm.  Still sad, but calm sad.   I just find it interesting. By oiling I am dropping one drop of about 5 oils on the back of his neck.  He rubs them in and smears the rest on his face, neck, stomach where ever. 
Oh another self-control issue I see him doing better with. He tears the metal off the pencils.  I gave him two pencils with tops and told him he would have 100 more sentences if he tore them up.  He has about used up the erasers but, the silver part is still there. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning!

Our day started early with a call about 6:30 from a truck driver that he was almost here with our hay.  So off we went to get it.  Some more eager than others. 
 I counted myself very blessed  I didn't have to unload it!   Son was home and knocked it all off the trailer for me. 

Leaving 14 yo and I to barn it.  He isn't there yet to barn the hay where the area is tight.  So I put the back 4 bails in and allowed him to flip all the bails over so the strings were up and put the bottom row in on the outer half of the hay barn.

All was going well until 14 yo broke the skid steerer.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!   He was driving it when something went wrong in the hydraulics.   We lacked 4 bails in the barn and 12 other bails that we didn't have room for.  

It is nerve racking putting hay in where it is tight spaces.  I only knocked one small board off the underside of the barn.  :D   The barn didn't fall on me!   Our "hay barn" isn't really a hay barn, just a shed that is made for livestock but it is what we have so  we use it. 

Joyful Sunday

Sunday morning started with coffee on the front porch.  It was such a nice morning after some very hot days.  We really need rain.  Prayers for rain would be nice.
 Part of our church crowd were missing taking a CHL class across the road.  I had the pleasure of holding grand daughter.   She was so so sleepy. 
 We have an awesome church family.  As we were discussing Luke and Matthew my almost 14 yo handsome prince was the favorite small child entertainment center.  He loves the littles and they love him back.



She likes to avoid the camera. I loved this quick snap of her laughing.
Usually I get this side of her. 

This one isn't much better.  He seems a tad camera shy.
 Then there was my very tired grand son.  He found a quiet place to rest.  Yes he is sound asleep! 

 Doesn't he look comfortable?  Don't you wish you had a bed like his? 

After we had church we came home and had early birthday for 14 yo.  DIL and grands were out for it.  I got to play with youngest grand.  He is watching my phone as I try to get a picture. 

 Other grands discovered what I was doing.  :) 

 Then the grands all helped 14 yo unwrap gifts.   He had lots of help.

 It's hard to see what his gift is.  It is a yellow toy, aka skid steerer, which is what he ask for. I think he had in mind it being a few feet bigger.  

 After presents, then those that wanted to get wet did.  
 These two littles know just how big that first step is and were stuck on it the whole time. 

New skid steerer only came with a bucket.  He decided to make forks for it then he made a rake later.   He really likes the big one better but had fun with this one.
 Kale chips?  I had a few left and she could reach the bowl.  So she was eating them with both hands.  She LIKES them.  

Made for a wonderful Sunday!   Now on to blog about our day today!  

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Calf

I knew she was close.  I have been checking her every day.
Last night we came home just before dark.  We jumped on the ranger and raced dark to check on her and a goat we were watching.   I was surprised to see this TINY red calf.   I really didn't think it would be this color.   I love the color.   I hope he grows fast, he has a lot of growing to do. 

 He will be good steak in about 18 months :)  

I have two more cows to calve.  One is sorta close the other I am thinking near vacation time.  Timing is every thing! 

Other picture news first tomato is ripe!  I have a couple more starting to change color.  

More of my grape vine sticks.  I would guess 75% of the sticks are leaving out.  Some are well leafed out. I am not sure what we will do will all of them.  My friend gets all she wants.