Sunday, September 30, 2012

This and That Rain Pictures ..

Some of these are from the day of the rain, some today.   
Peacocks do NOT like downpours!   My dh called them buzzards :)
 This was during the rain, this is taken from the school room door.  As you can see most of the area is underwater, with swift moving water toward ponds.
 Someone forgot to turn the water off for the pool!   Sure did flood a lot!  :)  

 Fences!   This is in front of our house while it was still sorta raining, and there was still lots of water running.  The water at the bottom is the pond, then the pond dam, then pasture (water) with fence post sticking up and no fence on them! 
 More fence issues.  This is a cross fence inside our land so not as big a deal.   The water in the background is the pond below the house, level full!  
A today picture of the fence between us and our neighbor.  See the post on the right and the wire with all the trash on the left, they use to be attached together.

 Cross fence again with the pond below the house in the picture.   This is a deep big pond.  It ran over a lot!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just in the area....

We drove about 3 miles one way and maybe 5 the other and got these pictures:
Our private road.   Could be worse!
This was a fence, not there now, and yes it was raining on my camera

 This is a BRAND NEW high fence, see the truck driving through the road?  Can you also see the lack of fence?

 One of the draws, this is taken from the bridge that goes over it. 
 Ellis Tank is full!  Isn't it pretty?   
 Another shot of the lack of new fence here. 
 This is a gate, and the post which was cemented in the ground, now in the bar ditch.
LOTS of fences down!  It is an awesome anmazing rain!  

More Rain Pictures

This is the calichie pit.  It is over 6 ft deep in places and on TOP of a hill.  Makes a nice swimming pool at the moment. 
 DH fixed our road a while back where the water runs with some BIG rocks.   He covered them with calichie.  Think he will have to do it again. 
 On to the back side!  Our back pond,

 This is the fence line where the back pond overflows.  When picture was talken fence was holding but lots of trash on it.
 Center road to the back side.   No I did NOT try to cross it.

 Silly girl!   Just how tall are her cowboy boots?  
 Another picture of the back pond.

God Blessed Us!

This 2 inches fell hard and fast this morning on top of 7 inches already on the ground. I zoomed in with my camera then blew it up to see from the porch as it was POURING. 
 After this 2 inches we got another 1.5 or so bringing the total so for to 10.25 inches since Thursday.

See the fence passed the water?  See the two post sticking up IN the water?  There was a fence there.  It is between our property and our neighbor.
 This is a cement water trough. DH says they are about a foot tall.   Oh there is a fence you can see with a T post in front of the water trough.    
 Same area, this is below our house, toward the middle pond.  This was a straight fence.  As you can see it is going going gone. 
 Same water trough from a different angel. 
 One more shot of in front of our house toward the neighbors property.
We haven't ventured out from around the house yet.  I do know we will need to move stock to the front side until fences are fixed.   I will post more once we break out the ranger and drive around, or walk.   Either way I want a break in the rain to do that. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

New Mexico!

We LOVE the campground we stay at in Northern New Mexico! Is awesome!  The people are nice and the location can't be beat! 
Dh got to see his first bear in the wild.  As soon as we got the rv set up he grabbed his fishing pole and off he went to fish.  I had forgotten to take my camera out of the bus so he was able to take pictures of his fishing buddy.  
This is the view from below the campground.   This is a beaver pond on Coyote Creek.

 One day we went to a friend's place to hike.  He wanted to show it off.  We had to cross Coyote Creek to go on this hike. 

 It was more like mountain climbing!  Dh and I gave out and didn't make it all the way to the top.  This was a picture on the way down of the kids below us.  If you look down you can't really see the bottom of the mountain.  
 This is the mountain from the other side of the valley!  They hiked to the TOP of the mountain.  DH and I only made it about 3/4 of the way. 
 Sunrise from the campground!  It really was beautiful!  I was the only one up to see it!

 The next day we went over the mountains and up the the Taos Ski area.  On the way down we stopped for lunch along the stream. 

 Of course another stump! 
Then one day at Morphy Lake.  It was cold that day.   This is rain on the mountain to the west.  
 I don't know what the flowers are but they are pretty!
 Next day we went back UP the mountain toward Angel Fire.  One of these is Wheeler Peak.  All of the high peaks were white that morning! They didn't have any snow on them two days before.  
 On around the top of the mountains to Eagles Next and down Cimarron Canyon  toward Raton. 
 On the way toward Raton we saw this herd of elk.  They weren't in a high fence, they were in an irrigated field.  I'm sure that the farmer that wanted to use it for hay doesn't love these critters. 
 Capulin Volcano is amazing and neat and cool and worth the trip to see.  Once you get to the top of the blown out side driving, then you hike the top of the crater.   This is the view.
 Down in the crater there were several mule deer grazing.  They were not bothered by us hiking the rim. 

 This is the view across the crater.  The white spot is our bus! 
 Some old trees with stuff growing on them :) 
 I found this interesting:
 This is a picture of the rock it was talking about :)
I think that is the highlight of the  trip in three quick blogs!   It was fun and neat and we are all ready to go back!