Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time to sweep Yesterday

The final time to sweep yesterday was some where over 6 hours but less than 7!    He then had to do his school and fold towels.   I was exhausted!    Why is it so hard keeping a child focused?   Or rather keep him just in the right room holding the right tool.  

Today he again gets to sweep both rooms.   We will see how that goes.  I HOPE it goes faster.  He has been told he will be sweeping until he can do it in a timely manor.   Anyone want to be me for  a while?

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday S offered to help MN with Tunia.  He got my old kid saddle.  It isn't in very good shape but for this it works.  

After she got through smelling of it he went to put it on her.  
 Then they walked around with it on a bit.   She was pretty unbothered by the whole thing.

 Adjustments were made so the saddle would "fit".  
While that was happening outside the yard kids were playing down the ramp.   D9 giving K a ride down the ramp.  The crash and burn at the end was worth the ride.  They did it several times.

Big moment, mounting.  Since the saddle wouldn't tighten up enough to allow her to swing on and she was to short to just step on out came the little black stool. 

Donkey wasn't totally happy with the whole idea, but guessed it was OK if everyone else was OK with it.  

She wants to start doing this on a almost daily bases.   She hopes that by the time she is really old enough to ride much she will be well broke and can be a lot of fun.  Oh wait she is a lot of fun now.  

Blogging for Sanity

Today D9 has sweeping duty, two rooms, living room and kitchen.  He has been working on the kitchen almost an hour.  I just took pictures to post on what is STILL on the floor.  J  It may shape up to be an all day affair, which will translate into him having this duty daily until the cows come home or better yet he learns to sweep in a timely manner.  Want to take bets on how long it will take him to sweep two rather large rooms? 
Yes this is a tisue.  Yes, he has been told he must pick up all trash.

 Clothes pin?   Hummmm not trash but still not where it goes....

Wadded dirty sock?   Again, not trash, but sure not where it belongs.  
So far he has ask to go to the restroom.  I assured him he was more than welcome to go as soon he finishes the kitchen.   Next he needed to blow his nose.  I again assured him he was more than welcome to as soon as he finishes sweeping the kitchen.   Back to needing to go to the restroom.  Then assuring me he was done, with only the clothes pin picked up.  Then he did manage to find the sock.  Still has the tissues plus dirt he has "missed".  

I may blog a lot today to make up for sanity and keep me from strangling a small child.   I am trying HARD to keep the, how ever long, it takes attitude.  It is HARD when he is just either glaring or walking around the kitchen.   Pray for me!  Pray for him!  Pray that this ODD behaviour he wears and uses like a wepond will dwindle and be no more.   That God's healing will route out the ODD and fill him instead with peace and love and compassion.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

 Little girl watching mommy and daddy and a few others shoot.  

Big and little girls watching the happenings. 

My SIL getting instructions in how to shoot a pistol.  She knows how to shoot a rifle, but a pistol is a new toy.  

The cheering section as she learned the basics.   She did decide later it wasn't for her.  She had open heart surgery less than a year ago and the recoil made her hurt after the fact. 

Poor D12 earned dish duty for several days because of a bad attitude about helping with dishes and not doing his part right.   But never fail he had help!  

Today we made 2 peach cobblers.  I had T and MN both making a cobbler.  T was frustrated with the littles "help".  I got both of them a tray and gave them some pie dough.  

Grand son rolled his out used cookie cutters and made cookies.  He then topped them with vanilla sugar and cinnimon. 

Grand daughter did manage to make two cookies with help.  The rest of the dough she ate.  :)

 This afternoon these two rode many circles on the porch like this.  I wouldn't be surprised if grand daughter had raw spots on her heels from dragging them and grand son had raw spots from pushing.  They had lots of fun doing it. 

Later Grand son ask to ride bikes.  This is his version of riding bikes. 

I didn't get a picture of the roughly 80 lbs of ribs we BBQed or the two double batches of potato salad we made this weekend.  Or even the large bowl of coleslaw.  Yes, I did say 80 lbs, it was a case.  We fed 20 or so people multiply times today, and multiple times on Sat.    Oh almost forgot the 2 briskets we BBQ to take on vacation next weekend. 

RV Mods...

When you buy a new RV there are things you want to add.  Those are "mods".  Short for Moderation's.   Here are the ones that we have done so for.  This is my DH's favorite.   This is a sliding drawer that the slides are made to hold 160 lbs fully extended.  He did loose a little space under it by installing the drawer. 

This is what he build the drawer for, his grill!  It fits perfect!   Yes, it takes up one whole side of the nose space, but oh the cooking on it is worth it.  

There is space to put fold up chairs on each side of the drawer in the nose.  He seems to have found a home for everything else. 

Next mod...
 This is the pantry.  The shelves were 14 inches wide or so and 27 inches deep.  There was no easy way to see or even reach what was in the back of any shelve, much less the top ones that were over my head.  He took the shelves out and installed drawers.  Yes, he was in a drawer making frame of mind.   I love this mod most!  
 All the drawers will extend as far as the bottom one.   I still can't  "see" in the top one, but I saved it for extras and things like Ziploc which I can see when they are stood on end.   I tried to pack heaviest things low to the ground and lighter things high to help with weight in the camper. 

 One thing I do not like about our new RV is the lack of storage in the bathroom.  There just isn't any.  One little med. cabinet.   I decided to use the space behind the toilet to hang the broom and dustpan.   I hadn't found a good home for them yet either as the "hall" closet was shorter than the old one and they wouldn't fit.
 Add one surge bar below the window to plug the coffee pot or fan. There is a plug on the under side of the cabinet, but this is right by the door and I really didn't like the thought of the coffee pot being plugged in upward by the door with our Indians. 
 This is the indoor out door thermometer.   It has a new home right by the door on the side of the cabinet.  
I forgot to take a picture of the relocated plug in by the master bed.  It was against the nose and very hard to reach.  Dh extended the wires in the nose space and brought it to the edge of the storage space.  Making it about 3 ft easier to reach.  

He also added stabilizer bars to the jacks.   Not even sure what they do other than make it more stable when we are camping.  I will let you know how they work out down the road.