Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Fanny Pack

I really like the fanny pack I made back in the summer, but it is starting to look used.   So I have been starting to think about making a new one.    Today was the day.  Since I was monitoring a young lady taking placement test in the garage I could sew. 

Here is the end results:

I had bought this little organizer for your suitcase.  I had the idea of sewing a belt on it and using it.  When I loaded my heavy stuff in it It was to wide.   I think the difference is that the ends of my home made one are flat rounding out, while the ends of this are wide making pockets.   

 I had an idea! I would use the bought thing inside my home made one!  Instant pockets with zippers even!   It fit perfect!
 Here it is with the black thing inside and my heaviest item safely tucked away.  
 Net is Everything inside!   I even have a belt loop for my key chains!   I do need to get a different belt webbing for it.   I like a wider one. It won't fit through the loops but I have a sewing machine.  I can attach it!  I debated about sewing the black thing in or leaving it removable.  I decided to leave it free.   I am thinking that in rainy weather this will protect items I don't want wet much better than just denim. 

Not bad for a couple of hours work.  The bottom will fringe out like the quilts you can do where you fringe.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God's sense of Humor and other ramblings

Monday night at our retreat planning meeting we were talking about all the rain we were hoping to get since there was a chance in the forecast.   I said I wanted enough to make our road 4wd only.  :)   I didn't know that the 4wd on the excursion wasn't working.   Sooo ....  this morning when I went to get grandson at the hwy, well I got stuck!   We got about 1.5 of rain last night.   Ponds are full.  It is wonderful.   I am thankful!

I called dh to tell him.  I didn't know if he wanted to just leave it until tonight or what.  I had the kids come pick us up in the ranger.  Walking to solid ground was hard just to get in the ranger.  Once dh got here we took some chains and went back to the private road where the excursion was.   With much work he finally pulled down close enough with three chains we could hook up.   With him backing and me in the excursion we finally got it out of the bottom of the draw.   Then he was having issues trying to back up the hill.  So we manged to unhook and me go the rest of the way to the top.  He went through the bottom turned around and came back.   We then switched and I took the truck with grandson in it. He thought the whole thing was really FUN.   DH took the excursion to town.  Maybe he will get the 4wd fixed today.  He thinks it is a vacuum hose. 

That was the icing on the cake to my day.   MN has been behind in school for a couple of weeks.  Just not getting all of her history and math done.   Yesterday or Monday evening while I was gone she had a revelation on how to do it.  She got caught up and all her school done for today by 6:30.   Yes I do look a gift horse in the mouth.  I might have been born in the dark but not yesterday.   A hundred on a test that she couldn't even pass a few days ago has a bad smell.   So I snooped around and sure enough, she had figured out how to skip problems and them not show up as skipped.  Still not sure how she did it.  She isn't sharing.   When a problem is skipped it is crossed out.   That is how I found out what she was doing.    

My heart is so sad.  The tears just keep flowing. I know this to shall pass and we will be stronger and wiser and I hope everyone grows from it, but for today I mourn.  I really could use some prayers to go along with my day.  I know I serve a awesome God.  I know He is worthy of my praise even when I am literally  stuck in the mud!  :)   Doesn't mean that mud isn't heavy and tough to walk out of. We are and we will walk out of this mud puddle just like we have many before. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart of Motherhood Enrichment Reminder

Heart of Motherhood Enrichment retreat is just 2 1/2 weeks away. Registrations are coming in. We would love to have you come and attend. The team is so excited about what the Lord has for us this year. Our registration deadline is just 4 days away. Register today!!!!!!!

Sleeping options:  If you are interested in a hotel style room,  rooms with one double bed are available for an additional $20.00/night;

if you have a roommate it would be an additional $10.00/night.  

If you are unable to attend all weekend, consider coming for the day on Saturday. The cost for one day will be $50.00
Don't delay, Don't procrastinate, Register now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have any questions contact us at or you can contact us on face book @ Heart of Motherhood.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just life

Simba is such a kid cat.  If the kids decide to play legos and build cars or trailers then they better plan on "help".   This was a couple of nights ago.  Last night he was back down in the floor in a "boat".  

 This morning grandson ask to feed the fish.  The fish weren't to interested but Freckles was interested in helping him.  I thought this was a cute picture.

See this tiny plant?   It is in the mix of some cactus type plant I have.  I just discovered it when I checked to see if any of them had rooted.  This one is well rooted! 
 I knew I had these by the back door.  Remember when I had to trim my bougainvillea this fall to bring it in the house?  I cut all the trimmings into about 6-8 inch stems.  Stuck them in root stimulator, then into pots coming into the house.  
 This is a pot of wandering jew.  I think it has 3-5 bougainvilleas sprouting in it.  
 This one is coleus and as you can see it also has one or two growing leaves.   I am amazed and excited!  It makes trimming my giant plant easier. 
This is the mother plants.  I think there are three colors here.  Two are pinks and one white.  I want a double and some of the other colors this summer.   Since I can root at least some of them I will feel better about buying more.   I can see this becoming an issue of to many bougainvilleas also.  I noticed that the mother pot has SEVERAL sprouting in it also.    I have no idea how many I will have by spring.  More are still sprouting.   I saw one this morning that just had a tiny green bud on a stick.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One more Poncho!

This time I had a beautiful model/owner.

Grand son wants one!   He has agreed to a different color.  He suggested YELLOW!   I told him I would have to look and see what I can find.   I may not find yellow.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple sewing fun...

It started with me wanting to make a simple EASY poncho.   I searched and read and searched for ideas.   Finally found this site: Poncho/baby wearing  It looked super simple!   It was!  

Since I can't even follow instructions for sewing any better than a recipe I had to change it up.   I wanted a hood.   Don't I have a beautiful model?   This whole poncho took me maybe 2 hours after I figured out what I was doing.  

As you can see I may have overkilled on length.   It isn't that long on me, even if she does want to claim she is taller.   It IS long.  I may shorten it after I play with it a bit.  

I didn't totally understand how to cut the head hole for baby and me.  Since I doubt I need a baby and me cut anyway I just cut about a 6 inch hole center of the material.   Then I went and found a fleece hoodie I have that I have mixed reviews about.   I folded a piece of flannel and cut around it leaving a small seem allowance and room for a hem and drawstring in the front.  Amazingly the hole and the hoodie were about the same size around.   I sewed it onto the poncho.   I really hate draw strings.  I ran 1/4 inch elastic through the draw string hem.   Pinned it on one side with a safety pin and left the elastic dangling on the other.  I put it on, pulled the elastic up where I wanted it pinned it.  I took it off and sewed it in place and was done.  

Next project:   Years ago, MANY years ago, 15+ we bought some cheap face warmers at K-mart.  They were made by Northwest Territories.   Super simple, a tube of thermal material about 11 inches around by 14 or so inches long.   It slipped over your head.  You could use it as a headband if you folded it first, or cover most of your face or just year ears.  Caps fit over them with very little trouble.   We horded them, we fought over them.  The boys may still have one.   They were that good.  I can't seem to find mine this winter.  It was green.  
Did you know you can't find thermal material?   Not like what old fashion thermal underwear was made out of, which is what these were made out of.  My SIL made some for us last year out of a new thermal, but they weren't as good.  Better than most, but lacking.   Today I made one out of fleece. 
I did make the tube longer.   I think this one is 20 inches long. 

It is warm!  You can't cover your nose, just not enough air.   It is tight, but I am thinking that the ranger ride will be much warmer on my ears this way.   I will be checking  it out later this evening. 

Top all this fun sewing off with a huge pot of beef stew cooking and life is good!  Even if they say we may be white by morning.   I am just praying no lambs born during it.  

Weekend this and that in Pictures

Just an enjoyable weekend.   I took a few snapshots.

Girly girls start young!  Check out her heels!    Yes they are T's and just like T this little thing can MOVE in them. 

 I love this picture of my DIL.  I would still love know what her granny use to say instead of cheese to get people to smile for the camera.   Tammy?    Care to share?   She was to embarrassed to help us out.  

 If sister can wear them then brother should be able to also!   Some how he found it a lot harder to walk in them than she did. 

Retreat gifts are a family affair here!  We are all getting in on the fun and the blessing of making gifts!   If you want to know what we are making guess you need to sign up and attend retreat!   It will be a LOT of fun.    Hope some of you can join us that haven't considered it.  

Pray about joining us for Retreat and getting in on the fun!   I will bet you haven't felt so blessed as you will from retreat and probably haven't laughed as hard either!   It is always fun sharing the ups and downs of motherhood!  Come join us! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ichthammol Salve

Also know as black drawing salve.  This stuff is amazing!   A friend who deals with horses suggested I use that to pack my dog's wound.  She said they use it on horses and it is amazing.  No cleaning, no dressings, just repack 1-3 times a day.   This sounded like an answer to prayer for me.  

Stopped by Tractor Supply and got all they had.  I figured to fill that hole it was going to take a lot.   I packed it in.   A lot of it fell out because of the wound and it's position.  I am sure the fact I cheated and warmed that salve in hot water until it was thick syrup didn't help it stay in place.   Lesson learned.  Amazon does carry it, but it is almost twice the price of other places both on line and local. 

Next morning I didn't pack it in so much.  I packed the deep wound part, but the rest I frosted.   Seriously this stuff is about as thick as cold can cake icing.  It goes on about as well too!   You can cover once, but if you try to go back and touch up all your "pretty" pulls back onto your spoon or spatula.   I should be able to frost cakes quite well when I get through doing this.  

I have been doing it for a week today.  I would say that the wound has shrunk by at least 1/3 if not closer to 1/2.the deep spot is smaller around and not as deep, maybe 2 inches deep and maybe that wide.  Much better than me being able to put my fist in the hole. 

This stuff isn't very expensive.   I would really suggest anyone with animals keep a container on hand.  It really is amazing stuff.  It is oh so nasty to use.  It stinks, and drains off all day.   At the same time it protects the wound.  You don't have to dress it are anything.  I will see rocks and hay and grass and dirt in that stuff on his wound, but by the time it is time to put the stuff on it again it seems to all drain off.  

I am not sure how long I will be icing his hinny,  but I do know not near as long as I expected to be doing wound care and oh so much simpler!    It truly was an answer to prayer!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What do they say about bragging on children?

I discovered after I bragged that she had "borrowed" the poem about a new day.  :(  

Since it was pointed out, (Thank You), that she borrowed it she will no longer be on FB.    She does have lots of God given talent.  It makes me very sad when she didn't own that she borrowed it.  Was it a misunderstanding that grew?  I don't know. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My DD rough start to a New Year

Not sure what her cat got into or what happened, but he was sick right before New Years and New Years morning he was dead.   After she and I cried together about 5 AM, she dried her tears and wrote this poem and posted it on her FB group.   I "borrowed it"
A New Day

If life seems at its lowest ebb,
... Because a day's gone wrong.
Let not your heart be troubled,
... For a new day soon will dawn

And we can never be quite sure,
Just what it has in store.
Since each one is so different,
Than the one just gone before

As it penetrates the darkness,
With its soft and tranquil beams.
It calms even the most restless soul,
And brings new hopes and dreams

So when a days been troubled,
And the night is dark and long.
Lift up your fallen spirits,
For a new day soon will dawn

 I committed on it, just how she sat down and in her grief she wrote so beautifully.   She responded with this, made me cry.  
 "I love you too mom! I am so glad I am your daughter and that you spent 7 years working with me so I can be the girl I am today!"
I know the journey she has walked to be able to grieve over her cat.  The journey that allows her heart to be hurt by loving something.   The walls she has struggled first to put up just to survive, now she is tearing down to LIVE, and to LIVE life to the fullest.   

Later New Years day she wrote this on her FB:

Today... I start a New Year... A new year that will have new joys... new begginings... new oppurtunites... another chance to breathe and live my life... to thank God each passing day... hour... minute... second... year. I will have new sorrows. New pain. New grief. I will grow stronger each passing day as I leave my past behind me. The loved ones I have lost... I move forward and leave them behind. I hang on to the truth that I will see them again. All of the cats... dogs... goats... and any other animal that captures my heart. I will always love them... I would rather have had them once in my life then to never have had them at all.
2012, I will learn that it is okay to cry... cry and cry. Cry without shame, because God hold my every tear. I will learn to choose joy. Learn to praise God in my tears. It is hard when I lose something I truly love, and know that they will never feel my hug again, I will never see them in my arms again... they will never feel my kiss again, they will never feel me stroke their fur... That is not until I go home. Which will be awhile.
All I really wanted to say was... Scraunch, I will miss you this year. I love you and I am trying to stay strong. I hope you know that you were my baby, I miss you. Wait for me okay? You were my sweet, daring, troublemaker, silly schoonkiebum! I will always treasure the memories you gave me! You have taught me so many things! (Besides that cat claws hurt!) but you taught me to love. You showed me that it was okay to create a bond. I love you Scraunch, I really pray that where you are in heaven, you will wait for me. I love you schoonkiebum!!!
Love your mama,
P.S Oh I forgot! I will also be sure to bring a roll of toilet paper when I go home to see you. That way you can shred it into millions of pieces in God's bathroom! Then He can see you with the look on your face "Ummm, I am not sure what happened here. But I can explain... I did not tear the toilet paper up and make this huge mess! THe floor just erupted and exploded..." All the while you have a stream of toilet paper in your mouth.

 To say I am proud of her and her journey from angry, hurt little girl into this beautiful compassionate young woman is an understatement.   She amazes me!  She truly has been transformed by God.   She isn't the same little girl we adopted almost 8 years ago.   That child couldn't grieve over anything.  She didn't cry.   She lashed out and hurt others, both people and animals in her pain.   What an amazing journey it has been and still is as I get to be apart of God's hands and feet as He transforms her into a powerful Woman of God.   This post is a tribute to both Him and her.