Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's news..........

Name changes! One of the things that many adoptive parents do is name them and claim them. I like the idea but so want the kids to have control. They have control over so few things. I have refused to force any of mine to change. All have wanted to. With these two they didn't want to. No problem. I just pray.

I have had two names floating around in my head for almost the whole time they have been here. I told my DIL, but not children. The other kids have ask them about name changes or not and how they changed theirs. B has sorta wanted a name change from the first. Most of his names were wrestlers or monster trucks or well you get the idea. TD has been totally apposed to it. That is fine too. Really I like B's name better than TD, but would love the child no matter what name. Yesterday, B made the decision he wanted a new name. Kids all really worked at names. Shooting down lots but came up with a list. He picked one to start and stayed with it. I was "resting" in the recliner as I listened to this. It was fun to be asleep and hear the conversation about names. B announced he wanted his new name to be D. I smiled to myself as it was one of the two names I wanted. He wanted to keep his middle name. So B will now be DL.

They then ask TD if he wanted to change his name. He said, " I want my name to be DD." I was amazed. These are the two names I had wanted. I couldn't decide what name fit what child. So they did it for me. They both kept their middle names. I didn't push it yesterday. I let them thing about it and this morning ask DL if he really wanted to change his name. He told me yes he wanted it to be DLJ! No prompting or anything. Then later I ask DD, he said the same thing. So we will do it with the names they (God) picked.

I had MN make name tags out of index cards for them to wear to help us all remember. As always kids are adjusting so fast. I laughed 2 yo grand son came in and walked up to DL and called him by his new name and just chattered away. Better than me! I keep having to be reminded.

Those that want to know what DD and DL stand for will have to email me. I will give hints. They are both in the Bible. I found it interesting that DL didn't know his name was until after he had picked it. I told him it was, but he had to go get his Bible to see if it was in HIS Bible too. He was excited to find it was in his.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I grabbed the camera on the way to get grand son this morning. That is the only thing I like about the early mornings. The sun rise can be breath taking.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More snow pictures...

Winning snowball yesterday! Thrown by MN. Notice the snow BEHIND his glasses. Some how I feel he earned it.

From this morning..............

Then I "borrowed" some pictures that my DIL took yesterday. I baby sat littles while biggers played.

NO they didn't really roll into the water. They stopped!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We woke up to a white world this morning. MN went out and measured before chores we had about 4 inches. Then after chores we had 5. We have had a little bit more since. We are hovering at just about freezing.

Kids of all ages have played and played. They took the ranger and the snow disc we bought for white sands for a spin. Seemed to work well. I think DIL will have some footage/pictures of it on her blog later. Then DS broke the ranger. I don't know how he did it. He said he wishes he was having more fun when it happened.

Once they were all frozen and tired I decided to take a walk....... ALONE. Well I did take dogs and my camera. The light was so bright I couldn't see to take pictures very well.

LOTS of snow! I was really enjoying my walk until I found this picture:

I had helped the calf stand that much. It was still soppy wet and chilling fast. That ended my walk. Since ds had tore the ranger up he got to help me get mama and baby back to the house.

We rubbed and rubbed and worked and worked trying to get it warm. Thawed colostrum and got some down, gave it coffee... It did get to shivering, which was good. Finally we left it with mom in the barn, but it was loosing ground so...........

Only at our house! Hey at least it is in a bucket!
DIL then decided to let grand baby have some floor time so I couldn't resist this picture.

Then mommy getting grand son ready to go get cold. He is showing off his poor man mittens. Socks! They work!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This and That Weekend Ramble...

Yesterday we had a blast! We went to the rodeo. It was the boy's first time. They both seemed to enjoy it. Oldest son and his wife didn't get to go. He ended up having to work. The joy's of being your own boss. His wife had the stomach flu. So I went boy and got both kids. I used the ergo with grand son. He was wonderful!!! He didn't fuss all afternoon. We walked through the exhibits and the creative arts building. I was very disappointed in the "educational" area. Glad I didn't pay money for just that! There was a time when it was good. Since we had two extra tickets I invited to of the kids friends that had never been to a rodeo. They seemed to have a blast. We went out to eat after the rodeo then took kids home. The whole time 1 yo grandson never napped and never fussed. I hope mom got a nice nap and is totally recovered today. I haven't called and visited. I will be seeing her in the morning about 8. As we start our crazy week of her driving out 4 days a week for me to baby sit. I am so blessed to get to do this, but feel sorry for her drive twice a day.

I am so excited my truck company owning sons are finally coming up in the world. They are are getting to haul bucking stock!!!! Exciting isn't it? They had drivers take a load to Houston yesterday. I am excited, or was until my ds went on to explain they were hauling 90 ewes (grown mama sheep) down there for the mutton busting. If you have never saw mutton busting you really need to see if you can find it on here somewhere.

Today we went to the Cowboy Church service. Dh woke up with the tummy stuff that DIL had Friday and Sat. He stayed home. He still doesn't feel great as he has homesteaded the couch all day and is still napping there. Then we drove up to Abilene for lunch and flea market. Problem was the temps here were beautiful, there it was about 15 degrees cooler with a stiff North wind. It didn't take us long to look and be headed home. I was disappointed as the kids had talked it up so to the boys and then it was such a bust. We did get to eat a good lunch though. That is a highlight of our trip. Or at least close.

Mr. B is in trouble again. Not bad, but he likes to immitate the hulk and when ask to stop especcially by kids he does it more. I have ask him to stop. So now he has the pleasure of writing about it. He has to write 10 times, " I am going to stop acting like the hulk. I do not like the consequences of pretending to be the hulk." I print it off on handwriting paper for him. This allows him to pratice his handwriting as well as think about choices. He was less than happy. I do think the glasses are helping his handwriting. It seems to be more the same size and not all over the page as bad. That is very muchly a Thank You God!

TD got caught up on his school Friday. He even did part of tomorrows this evening. He has been doing dishes without me finding dirty ones so tomorrow we go back to different people doing dishes. I keep tweaking the chore list. I add chores or break down chores into smaller things to make it better. On the surface the chore list is huge because it is so broke down. Instead of clean kitchen I have it broke down into so many tiny jobs.

Time to start the night time routine around here. Chores are done. Supper is what you find since we ate big at lunch. We have lots of produce to eat. That may be supper for most of us. I got a box of spring mix salad this time. A BIG box!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm. Kids and I like it. Dh isn't so fond.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another week down....

I really don't know where the time is going. It is again Friday. We have had a great week. The boys are starting to get into the groove with us. TD has about decided I really mean he can set at his desk until he is 18 if he doesn't want to do school. His choice. He has also decided dishes are his until he can do the correct and in a timely manor. He should take lessons from MN, who had dish duty for THREE weeks for the exact same reason.

Yesterday B got glasses! His left lenses is two or three times as thick as his right. I knew his left eye was his problem just didn't know how bad. I am hoping this will help him with writing. He is so smart, but he can't write it. He is talking about how much better he sees now.

MJ is off today to help with produce co-op. He is growing so fast or maybe the word maturing is a better description. I am often amazed at the young man I see. I see such a caring heart and a Godly young man. So different from the child that walked in circles and was mean to animals.
This weekend we are heading to the Rodeo on Sat. On Sunday we are going to Cowboy Church and on to the flea market weather permitting. All the kids are so excited. Two new ones have never been to the flea market. The others are excited to share something they love. Not to mention that we usually do Chinese for lunch that day.

There is a big joke about the first time the first three tried Chinese. The all stated they HATED Chinese, but had never tried it. We said tough you can have chicken. By the time we were done eating they were wanting to come back for supper! Now they love Chinese and are very willing to try many new foods at buffets. Many things most adults are unwilling to try even.

B is doing Easy Grammar. Today's lesson reminds me of my 23 yo. At this age he announced driving down the road, "MOM! They misspelled Dr. on the Dr Pepper can!!!!" So I am trying to figure out what he is talking about. Did you know he is right? Go look at the can/bottle. There is no PERIOD after the Dr! I have loved Easy Grammar ever since. It works well for B as it teaches in small amounts of writing. It reminds daily on basic grammar.

This week we had to go to the CPS office since the case worker didn't want to tackle our road. :) Something about the 10+ inch deep ruts. We got to go to the small town CPS office. Small office, one lady secretary out front a mom of 5 and great grand mom. We had a great visit as we waited for the CW who was late. The office was very different than what my other 3 are use to. Grand baby played and kids all just hung out.

When CW got there she took each of the 2 new ones back one by one and talked for a few minutes and then ask if I had any issues or problems. Very low key for all. I saw some behaviours that afternoon. We went to the park for a late lunch afterwards. After B ate he went to play with the other kids. He was afraid of the slide. Don't know why. Then in just a minute I saw him off alone making an antenna. I called him over and told him to play with the other kids. In just a few minutes he again had a stick/straw something for an "antenna". I called him back and he tried to tell me he was playing with the kids etc. I didn't say much just I could see him. I ask him later why he made antennas. He didn't know, he wanted to be an antenna, he thinks they are cool. I so wonder what the deal is with antennas. I will trust the Lord to show me what/why or just to deal with the root as he heals.

On the way home TD was crying in the back seat. He missed his FM. Not much I can say driving down the road other than it's OK. After we got home I was shocked to see both of them come in and finish school work. Even B!!!!!! It was a zoo around here about then. Yet he read his reading and answered the questions getting them all right. So much for not being able to concentrate.

TD passed his Health Quest test. He had been sweating it. He is caught up now I think. He is now talking about working ahead so he can have more days off. MJ did Monday and Tue. school last Friday.

Wed. night TD made chicken Alfredo from scratch. It was really really good. I helped very very little. Just confirmed he had the right measurer and such. Next night he again had dinner. We had taco salad since we had to go to town and could get the stuff. He browned his meat and worked on school all at the same time. He is more a guesser at cooking that MJ. I told him to put taco seasoning in the meat. He ask how much. I was trying to decide a measurement when he said how ever much I want? My kind of cook! It turned out good.

Yesterday we had town again, seems we have spent the week running. I did sorta laugh at therapy. I shared what all I see going on. I told her that I didn't think the first 3 had much to talk about. :) Sure enough TJ bounced in there and out in less than 5 minutes. She just wanted to be first. TD and B both spent a long time. MJ went in and out about as fast as TJ. MN didn't even go in. She plugged her mp3 in and vegged and napped. I even got a picture. I just need to figure out how to get it off the phone. Therapist was very impressed with how well both boys articulated their fear of attaching. They want to attach but are afraid to. So natural and with good reason! The ability to articulate though is huge! They are very willing to talk about yuck and share how they feel. Then she can help them process stuff. I find it interesting that they share different things with her than me. Both are very real and need to be processed. I am thankful they are able to talk about the junk this much.

Time to get off here and get busy. All be blessed!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I was cutting hair last night and MJ and I were talking. He has lived here 5 years next month. Longer than any other house. He was 8 when we got him. We were just wondering what B will be like in 5 years. B is 8, same age as MJ was. MJ will be 18!!!! We talked about his plans. He wants to go into the military. I am pushing for a college degree first since his tuition is paid for by the state because he was a foster kid.

Today MJ stayed in with grandson K as we did chores. TJ usually does but she lost the privilege for a few days. :) K was VERY fussy. I told him that if he needed me to come get me. When I came in MJ was rocking K and assured me K hadn't even fussed. K was totally happy being rocked.

Then this afternoon MJ decided to fix snicker doodle cookies. Oh, forgot to mention he has his school totally done until Wed. He has part of Wed. done. He ask B to come help. He really does have the heart of a teacher. B got to learn what each thing was. The names of the tools, like spatula. B got to help measure and watch wheat be ground. He carried and put up ingredients for MJ. All the while MJ was telling him what he was doing and why.

TD ask Dh the other day why he is so much more curious here. Dh pointed out we make them think. He ask TD if he thought that might be it. They aren't allowed to just vegg. They are involved and challenged to achieve the best they can.

B is HINTING for a cooking from MJ. MJ has already given him one. B is going on and on about how good they are, looking longingly at them etc. MJ ask me why he does that. We spend YEARS teaching all three of these to ASK for things. They did the same thing. :) So we talked about why MJ wouldn't ask and on and on. More growth for both MJ and B as he listens.

I find it interesting that B was "obsessed" with big trucks. Today oldest son came out in the bull rig to load his junk, er sheep and goats. If B is obsessed with big trucks I wonder what it made some friends and kids I grew up with. B did think the truck was cool, but that was it. We borrowed the neighbors pens and loading shute to get the stuff loaded. I had K on me in the ergo while we did it. Made me feel 9 months PG. I wasn't much help. MN was more help. It was a nice break from school for those that weren't done. That would be everyone but B and MJ.

I think I have figured out why MN and T aren't done. MN HATES having mop kitchen as a chore. So................. if she doesn't get school done then she doesn't have time to do chores. If she waits it out she can escape doing it. New rule she isn't aware of. Those that don't do their chores will be up at 5 AM doing them in the morning. BEFORE school! T just doesn't have time to do chores RIGHT and I stressed right last night.

Oh today the boy's CASA worker called. She visited with me and with the boys. I again laughed. She ask B what he liked best and again he said getting cow feed. LOL I didn't here him tell her. She was talking about how proud TD sounded about getting school work caught up. I talked about how when kids master things they are so proud. Then I went to use the cow feed story as an example. She then told me B told her the same thing. Silly boy!! Right now he is washing the baby bucket. He can't set it up, but he has mastered taking it down and washing it. He does such a good job of scrubbing it.

MJ is making green chili enchiladas for supper from the recipe book that we got at retreat. I am sorta supervising. He thought ahead and even took yogurt this morning and poured it up to drip so he would have "cream cheese". I need to make more yogurt as we will be about out after he is done tonight.

B is getting glasses! He is sorta excited. We are of course talking it up. He does school work with one eye, his left shut. I am praying this will help with his writing issues. He really is behind in that skill. Everything else is good. I am seriously thinking of getting him on the computer for a lot of school. I had a friend who's son struggled with the written word. Once he was allowed to use a computer he looked at the keyboard and exclaimed, "Mom, all the letters are right here I don't have to think about them." I know B's issue is different and I don't want to give up on hand writing, but his hand writing is causing him to be behind in school work because you can't read it. When you ask him what he did he is right usually.

As usual when I start a blot I am on and off over a long period of time. MJ is still doing supper while B is putting up cookies. MN and TJ did outside chores and MN is even working on her chores. Well B WAS putting up cookies, but he decided to not do it right, making scrambled cookies so he is now sitting and thinking about his choices. He is less than a happy camper.

TD just came and told me he, "Smoked the test!" in Bible! YEA!!!!! He is excited! I AM EXCITED. He made a 93 on it!!!!!!!! This was a test, not a quiz.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dreary days.....

I am sooooo tired of clouds without rain. I love rain, but cold and windy is yuck. So I did the best thing I could, I changed my blog picture! This is a picture of the Pecos river near Pecos NM. Wonder what it looks like right now?

Kids are still nutty. They are training for a race. The windchill is 22 right now and they just came back in from a run. They ran a mile or two depending on which kid it was. TJ did 2 laps. Each lap is .9 miles.

TD is stuck on dish duty MN was stuck for 3 weeks. She finally decided to wash them correctly and in a timely manor. He was pouting but seems to have come to the conclusion that it isn't helping him get them done. He is still struggling with school. I really think he is able to do it. It is a testing of if he has too. He seems to be developing a better attitude in that area too.

Speaking of TD and attitude. He was really struggling in Friday. We had an argument and such. I finally pushed him into talking about what he didn't want to. He "didn't want to go there!" I was so compassionate, "Tough! You are!" :) He finally did. What he shared was he was mad at his mom dying. I had him hang on to his anger and allow God to show him something. As I prayed I had him go back with his anger to what ever. He went back to his mom being in the hospital, (I think the last time he saw her.) I ask him what God was wanting to show him. He said "That she loved me." He started crying, I held him and in a bit I ask God to help ease his pain. God then took him to going to his Foster mom's house. I ask how that helped as to me that doesn't sound very easing to help pain. I didn't share that part. His reply blew me away. "It was a better home." ???????? have no clue what that means. He had admitted he doesn't like it here. He wants to go back to Foster mom's. I explained again that isn't even an option if he was SOOOO bad he had to leave here. As they aren't fostering anymore. After we had prayed I then ask him to let God show him one more thing. I prayed and ask God to show TD why he was here. When I ask him what he saw, he said nothing. I was trying to figure out what was going on when he explained, "I didn't see anything but God did something in my heart. I felt something." When ask what, "Loved". I hugged him and assured him he is loved and that I had been praying for him since long before I ever met him. This all seemed to help him baby step into better attitude. Please every one keep praying for him. He has had so much loss in his young live, only God can heal his hurts. God can! I do know that!

I am blessed in having kids that know how to do chores. I don't have to :) I can stay inside at night. Mornings I'm not so lucky. I really like doing chores, at least barn chores. Just not when it is super cold. (my super cold is relative! to me it is super cold!!!) MN doesn't mind how cold it is if she can go to the barn. That works! She just can't do milker of a morning. To heavy to handle with easy.

I think I have rambled enough. Hope everyone has a very blessed week!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Normal Day....

This morning was an early morning for grandson. Seven AM found me waiting at the hwy for my DIL. We came home and at 8 it was off to do chores. After chores, where I got way to little milk we did breakfast. Some had chili/Frito pie. I had left over waffles with peanut butter and bananas topped with grand ma's molasses. Grand son had bananas and more bananas and waffle.

School went well to day. B had to set and think a couple of times for complaining. :) Even so he finished his school by about 2. I have 2 still working. LOL both T's. TD is starting to see that he is going to be held accountable about school, and everything else. TJ is trying to remember how she was taught to do long division. She is searching past lessons since mom won't help her "remember".

MN has grandson in the ergo playing er sweeping the bedroom and playing on the piano. MJ and B are busy filling the porch with wood for this winter weather coming.

I have bread on to rise since we were out. MJ has supper. He did get meat laid out. Not exactly sure what he is doing with it. I guess it falls under not my problem. :)

It has been such a peaceful day. No major meltdowns. Just a relaxed day of life. MN is now busy greasing bread pans with a baby on her belly. He is just watching but not helping. I am glad since she is using red palm oil to grease the pans.

Now they are off to open the gate for DIL. I don't know if they will make it or not. I am typing around a little boy who wants to be held today. I really don't think he feels great.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Wow! Amazing! Awesome!................. Oh what a weekend!

The one thing lacking was sleep! It was to amazing to go to bed. It was to awesome to be tired. You looked at the clock thinking 9 pm and it was midnight! Some didn't go to sleep until 3!!! They didn't want to stop fellowshipping even then.

We saw and heard God do some might things. Some just to get people there. Some by providing answers to long sought prayers. Not with word from others often but just a peace and knowledge in their spirit that they didn't have when they arrived.

Tears and laughter flowed the whole weekend. Lives were touched, hearts quickened for the Word, for God. Seeds were sown for greater things. I am excitedly checking off the days until the next retreat. I can't wait!

My girls were wonderful helpers. Wonderful examples of well mannered young ladies. All the young ladies that served were amazing. We had 8 young women that did 90% of the food preparing, cleaning up after and serving. These young women were from 18-8. The food well that deserves a whole paragraph or post!

They feed us so good and so much of it was so healthy. We had Beef tips with brown rice and broccoli the first night. Then a yummy desert. On Sat breakfast was egg casseroles, fruit and not sure what else. We had soup and salads for lunch. The chicken salad was sooooo yummy! The broccoli soup was also good. They fed snacks at ever break. So when supper came around I couldn't even eat the Mexican pile on, which was Frito's, chili, beans, salad stuff ...... it LOOKED yummy but I was so stuffed. Desert was cobbler. Sunday breakfast was granola, bagels and fruit. Lunch was chicken alfredo. I keep saying "It was so good" to all the food, but it really was!!!

We had our retreat at the Heart of TX Encampment. I can't say enough nice things about the place. The grounds are beautiful, the buildings well cared for. I would highly recommend this place for a retreat. Summer looks like they would have lots of stuff to do like swimming and such.

Now it is time for me to return to reality. Back to school and kid issues and other fun things like mud and milk cows. It was a nice break to refresh and renew. We are all getting back to "normal" around here.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Have I mentioned I hate waiting? I am waiting for DIL to come back from produce. I have to finish packing the excursion and PACKING is the key word. I may have girls holding produce. It is neatly stacked to the top. I have every one of my ice chest packed with food. I have our sleeping bags, I have all the other stuff I am taking for retreat. Oh I do need room for 2 girls.

The produce truck was showing up about 8:30 am but last time the figured on that and :) it was noon. This time it would have been nice if it had came then. It didn't. I figure I have another 30 minutes at least to wait for DIL to come back with produce.

Once we fit that in we will be off and running for the retreat. I hate missing out on helping this afternoon, but my "job" was getting produce and other stuff done. So I am patiently (ha) doing it.

I did make me a pot of coffee just cause :) I need more coffee like well.... there are plenty of bridges between here and there but they may be a bit muddy. I even put hot water in my thermos so I can have some for the road. Of course my children spotted my fresh pot of coffee and now I have less. Good thing they do 3/4 milk to 1/4 coffee.

TD is working off and on with school. He is at this moment sitting over there going, "I need help!" Translation: I don't want to think and look and find the answer. He was even told it was on the part of the screen he had up when I went to see what he needed help on. Dh even looked and is now ignoring him. Part of it is he has never had to reason out answers. When questioned and try to sort it out he likes to say, "I don't know." never looking to see if he can find it. Yes, it does drive me nuts at times. Today I am allowing DH to be nutty, not me.

Wait wait wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have showered so can't even go outside. We are so blessed to be muddy. We are VERY muddy. This is a sucking mud that sucks your shoes off if you aren't careful. MJ had to go feed baby goats at lunch. As usual we are leaving so had two to come from son's pen today. The nannie died a couple of days ago and it has been so muddy we couldn't find the kids. We figured they were under a feeder. Today was dry enough that the girls manage to fish them out. The babies get under the feeders because it is dry. They will stay until they die at times. These are about a month old.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Daughter has lost her mind.....

Misty rain, 45 degrees, windchill of 40. That is the scene. So MN ask poor little B if he wants to go with her. She is going to check stock. She is going to splash in puddles. She is going to FREEZE. I figure since we had just talked about it being cold out side B has been warned. He is coating up to go with her.

Wonder if I will have to hose them off before they come in from their walk?

The kids are getting into running with DIL. They are excited to be doing the race with her. They have started running to the gate several times a day. They took B ONCE. He isn't very fast, and that day he had chosen to wear very VERY loose pants. Seems as they were running his pants ended up around his ankles. Then he told them they couldn't leave him he was the baby! They pointed out that grandson is younger. Next he told them that he was the cutest. I don't think that worked either. They came in laughing and saying they would NOT be taking him on a run again.

I did suggest they run this morning. At that point we had only had about .8 of an inch. Think ankle deep mud in places. This wonderful rain fell very slow. They declined that suggestion. I then tried telling them that decicated runners run every day in all kinds of weather. I thought I had MJ talk into it, but so far school is taking time. :) I also pointed out bragging rights to running today and no one else running. That seemed to appeal to the 13 yo male brain. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The gift of Teaching.........

My 13 yo is making coffee. B ask if he could help. We all know how much help untrained 7 yo's are. Yet my son said sure! I will teach you. He walked him step by step on how to make coffee.

I laugh often as when school is done for B if TJ or some times MJ are done they like to "play school". This is good for B and I just shake my head. The other day TJ was teaching B something. Oh I know, she was TRYING to teach him the knifty knitter. He lost the privilege as he was using the hook to hook a hole in his pants as she was showing him how to wrap. She wasn't the one that stopped the game mom was.

Each day I am thankful for the teaching spirit that is throughout the house. Older kids quite often are more than willing to teach younger ones. Some times they do get frustrated, but more often than not younger kids listen, sometimes better than with me. Even today they were playing on the keyboard and grand baby had this awesome game going. He would crawl in there, they would tote him back. He would laugh and off he goes again. Finally I suggested putting him in the play pen in there. It is set up for napping. He fussed until they got him toys and then he was totally happy with the big kids and the music.

Today TJ is having a life lesson. She doesn't sit the milker up well. She "forgets" so she has gotten it assigned to her. Yet again to day I had to "wait" for her to set it up when she knew it needed to be done. Her consequence? The milker is her best friend. She has to tote it where ever she goes. It is heavy. She is getting tired of it. Wonder if she will remember to set it up tomorrow.

TD is also still working on life lessons. He hasn't gotten his school caught up. He got up at 5. He ask if he could go to bed early since he may have to get up tomorrow at 5. Other children laughed. He didn't see the humor. Then MN point blank told him she thought it was funny. Made him mad. I pointed out they ALL tried to give him advice and he refused to listen. He made his choice :)

Mean while B did his school in record time! He is doing amazing when he tries. I started him in 3rd grade math and he hasn't missed a beat. Yesterday we had some meltdowns, but not to much. Today he has gotten mad but no melt downs. YEA!!! Such progress. He has been a little helper today. Ready willing and helpful at what ever we ask him to do. He has been in trouble some. MJ tried to teach him to play Risk. MJ gave up as he was wanting B rules. But, he is owning what he does better. Usually I have to say, "Think truth." then he owns it. He doesn't LIKE consequences but they seem to be soaking in. I see so much change in him.

I just realized I have nothing fixed for supper and what every child had it on their list failed! Hummmmm have no clue, it is after 5 and all I can think of is bread. We had egg sandwiches last night. But, we used all the mano. So scratch that for tonight. Granola maybe? Maybe some salad stuff. I am sure TD would just love for us to do a salad night. He has lost salad dressing privileges. He was using a little salad with his dressing. So he will eat his dry for a while. More of the others sitting there going. "Remember when..... " and sharing when they lost privileges like this.

OK off to create supper! All be blessed!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday of a crazy week...

This morning I will start keeping grandson 4 days a week. I am waiting of DIL to call to go get him. Girls came up with a solution. Just send his clothes for the week and we can deliver him Thur. afternoon. :) I don't think son and DIL will go for that, but I thought it was a cute solution from my girls.

This weekend is retreat!!!!! YEA!!!!! Anyone that is thinking about going please come! It will be a great weekend. My dd have been ask to help serve. They are excited. I have threatened them both. Told them both I expect them to be on best behaviours and HELP. I also told one she had to leave the sarcasm behind. It wasn't welcome. I think what they are going to do is have a little girl be a big girl's shadow helping that older girl serve. This will keep little girls from playing............maybe. We will have 4 big and 4 "little". Little being 9-12 years old. We did point out that one of the older girls didn't need to be shadowed by one of mine. That would be a recipe of the two talking and oh the sarcasm. Not a good mix for retreat work.

I used a new approach on Friday with B and school. It seemed to work, but Friday seems to be his best day so we will see today. Every time he grumbled or complained he was ask to go sit on the red stool for 10 minutes. I kept resetting the timer. Fits or more complaining or playing got the timer reset. He didn't like it, but he sure sucked it up and stopped complaining. He did his math MUCH faster. He usually does it right, but it is with lots of, "I need help! I don't know how. I don't know the answer." This is basic adding and subtraction. He makes a good grade on it but has to be motivated.

TD is I would say struggling but more like testing the wall of school not getting done. He is not happy. He missed playing all weekend. He is going to miss a lot more if he doesn't start applying himself. I really feel it is testing not lack of ability.

Fast FWD 2 1/2 hours. House is full of kids. I have one pouting. He lost his oatmeal for pouting when told not to lay on the table to eat. He can have it for lunch I have assured him. TD has now been told he will be rising at 5 until his school work is caught up. He even admitted today he can do it. He "wants to see" what will happen. He is seeing. I don't think he is happy. Like I assured him I am fine with what he is doing. Every child needs to find out what will happen when they don't do school. Not a problem! I have been through it with these other three, S, and of course my grown boys. That is experience times 6 :) I also point blank told him today I don't care if he does school or not. It is HIS choice. Just let me know which way he wanted to choose. He stared at me a bit. He has already figured out that choices like that usually the "bad" choice isn't as pleasant as it sounds. :) He decided he wanted to do school. Wise choice! I had three that assured him they had also been given that same choice. They didn't go into detail on what happened when they decided not to do school. Now MJ has shared about having to sit for a week for NOT doing school and chores. He might have been thinking about that.

I have a huge pile of stuff ready to take to retreat. I can't wait. We are going to have fun! I also have a LONG list of both retreat and town stuff.

This week includes town on Thursday. I may have to "SHOP" for some matching clothes for the girls to look like servers for the weekend. Everyone knows how exciting that is for me. Shoes are also already on the list for a couple of kids. MN is one of them. GRRRRR I pay for my raising when I shop for shoes for her. She is as hard to please and fit as I am in the other direction. My foot is wide, hers makes canoes look wide. Then on Friday we have produce. I will be getting produce for us, and for retreat. Not sure if I will have all the kids or what. That is subject to change as I figure out what my dh plans. He, and two older sons all get to baby sit this weekend. Yes, we are all laughing. I would suggest that sons bring their littles out here, but without girls dad might have some problems chasing two under 3 on top of 3 older boys and 1 older girl. He would manage. I'm not sure I would ever get to go to retreat.

Ok now it is almost 10:30. It is almost nap time for a little boy. For now he is playing happy though. He would like to figure out how to get from the living room over the "gate" or chair as the case might be. MN is doing dishes and he just knows he could be of assistance in the kitchen. B is setting for 15 minutes, AFTER he came in from outside where he decided to pitch his Monday morning fit. Then he will have the option of school or more sitting. Again his choice. Life isn't dull for sure.

Oh! I found a really cool site of Christian Quotes. If you need quotes for anything check this site out....