Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some of our fun weekend....

This morning as I was dumping coffee grounds I noticed the sunrise. It was awesome! I hurried to fix coffee then grabbed the camera and missed it!

Even though this is beautiful, it isn't' near as intense as it was 3-5 minutes earlier. I really should have gotten up earlier!

Yesterday we started filling the pool. It was the perfect depth for grandson to play in. It started out puddles for him to stomp in. They played maybe an hour with him chasing the others with the water hose while mommy took pictures. Do you know how fast a pregnant mommy in a long skirt can scamper back up steps when her son is after her with the water hose? Pretty fast! She took a LOT of pictures of the fun. I just borrowed one for my blog.

A friend gave me a hand made birdhouse. I discovered a house wren putting it to good use this weekend. It is on the porch so we can enjoy watching the process.

Notice the width of the stick she is trying to get in the hole. Most of the time she would manage, but she dropped a few. Then she would fly away for a new one, not the one on the porch below.

"Mom don't Freak out"

Face it when you hear that you know it is going to be good! That is what I heard as S came in the back door this morning. I am not given to "freaking out". I had an idea what she had before she graced me with her presents. I just turned and grabbed the camera and
After she had pictures taken she took it back to the barn and turned it loose. It is a pretty color! I hope he eats LOTS of rats in my barn.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday in Pictures

It's so hard to decide what pictures I want on here. I had a lot of pictures I took yesterday.

What blog would be complete without Grand baby pictures?

This one was the day before, but still worth posting.

Yesterday the kids played with chalk. They "might" have shown someone how to paint their face.

MN decided to draw a horse. I was amazed at how well she did with it. This was free hand and as you can see large.

My roses are beautiful. Yesterday we had a shower. I couldn't resist getting the camera out afterwards to get the rain drops on the rose.
This is my other pretty rose. Each rose on this one isn't as big as the pink, but the colors are so beautiful.
I have no idea what kind of plant this is. The flowers are extremely tiny.
Pool cleaning......or supervision of pool cleaning.

Dh's goal is to get all the brown out. Not sure it will happen but it is his baby!
After working and cleaning it was break time.

Baby peacocks in a few weeks? Maybe!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Week In Review

My live is so boring, and I love it like this! Kids while not angels could be a lot worse. Chores are fast and easy. Dh back is healing well. We are truly blessed.

Three kids are back in trouble. They, it seemed checked out the Internet or knew about it and said nothing while one child checked it out. While he didn't go any place bad he went. He knew it was wrong. He could earn the privilege of being allowed on, but decided to take the "easy" way. The other two didn't rat him out. Funny he even admits he did it the day he did because MN wasn't home. She would have and did rat him out in a heart beat when she found out. Sad that he is more worried about an 11 yo telling than a 17 yo, but such is life around here. MN did the Internet once too and didn't like the results.

I think consequences are quite good. I printed out pages and pages and pages of information on the dangers, the fun, the risk and the rules about the Internet for them to copy. The 17 yo has 32 pages to copy. The other two only got 16 pages. When it is done they can ask questions about anything on the pages. They have to highlight their questions and we will discuss it after they are finished. No questions until then. I have heard many "you say that mom' statements.
I added a few pictures we took this week just for fun.
MN worked Monday for her brother then on Thursday he ask if she could help. She had her school done for the week. Since he really needed another warm body that could give shots I offered to help too. She and I had a blast giving shots to 300 goats while the other three sat in the car working on their consequence. After we finished that I took them home and she stayed the rest of the day to be her brothers extra set of legs. His dogs are good, but SHE can open gates and SHUT gates, while they can just move the sheep and goats with her. She was SOOOOOOO tired when she got home! But, I am guessing she will be ready willing and able again on Monday to help him sort what he buys this Sat. She will have to get Monday's school done before then.
MN decided she might not fit in the little car near as well as she use to. She is trying to get out of it in this picture.
Just thought this was a neat old place!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Recap in Pictures

MN's new dog, he is doing better. He will eat out of your hand but is still scared of being touched. Yet, when you do get your hands on him, he likes the petting and will stand as long as you pet.

Garden Pictures!

This is my potato bed. It is growing great. The vines are starting to bloom.

Peppers! They are starting to bloom.
With one exception... see the tiny pepper here?

For what ever reason my cantaloupes didn't come up well. I have replanted in the spaces but they haven't came up yet.

The tomato plants are starting to grow and bloom.
They are starting to produce fruit! These are yellow pear tomatoes.
My herb bed. I still contend that fennel is a WEED! A pretty weed, but it is invasive. I started with ONE plant 2 years ago.

Wild sunflowers near the pool. The kids can't wait for them to start blooming.

Just a little added color around here. Isn't he pretty?

To give you an idea of how big his fan is this is our ranger bay, where we park the ranger.

Due to way to many critters I have to protect anything I put on the porch or flower beds. These are the miniature roses I bought myself for Mothers Day, or truth told they were clearance so I bought them.

A friend gave me some cacti that have beautiful flowers in the spring. Again see my "protection".

Saturday we finished working the weeds out of this area and planted it with Marigolds and Zinnia's.

Fun Sunday afternoon......
Tether ball!

Everyone got into the act... even dad!

How about this expression? I had ask him something and he looked up as I snapped the pic.

I wish I could get a picture that showed all the dirt that this child was covered in. He had been playing tetherball with T. Then he decided that it was more fun to just play in the powdered dirt around the tether ball. He was SOOOOOOOOO dirty and SOOOOOOOOOO happy!

That's all the pictures of our weekend. It was a great time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lots of Pictures ... Ramble

I think I figured out one reason I keep not blogging. I like to add pictures and it has gotten to where it takes forever to do it.

Like my tree? Notice the hole in it? I don't see how it lives, yet it does.

One of our yearling nannie's babies. Notice the short ears?

Mama to the baby! Notice her "halo". She wouldn't keep her head out of the fence so they kids "fixed" her. I must say they learned it from me. The first attempt they put a POST on her horns. It was about 1 1/2 inches around and 2 ft long. I made them find a much smaller stick. Usually by the time the duct tape rots away the horns have grown enough that they can't stick them through the net wire. At this point she can stick her head through, but she can't get it out.

More of my babies. This is my only set of twins out of these young nannies. The are so shinny!

A just because picture I thought the dragon fly was pretty.

Sunset on Mothers Day!

Notice how fast the colors were changing I took both of these in about 5 minutes.

Saturday evening we potted my clearance plants I had bought in town on Thur. and the ones I got in the other town on Sat. Everyone got into it.

Most were hanging basket plants that S potted as I hung.

MJ was responsible for hauling the gin trash potting soil from the garden area to the porch.

On Friday I discovered a coach whip caught in some old netting at the garden. I ask DIL if she wanted to help me free it. I held it while she clipped the netting from it. Then we brought it in for show and tell. Yes, the kids did all touch it.

And yes my mom was rolling in her grave as we did this. She liked only one kind of snake.... a dead one! She was deadly with her hoe. I am much more picky with which ones I send on to snake heaven.
See my garden helper? He is sorta hiding back in the picture. I had a terrible time trying to get his picture. He wasn't impressed with the flash or me trying to pose him.