Friday, February 25, 2011

A day in the life............

This morning I traded 2 for 1!  I traded a 10 yo girl for two grand kids!  What a trade!  That gave me three grandkids to chase today.    :)    Can you say LAP FULL?
Grand daughter was in my lap, older grandson joined her.  Then she got down, until she discovered other grandson had taken HER place in my lap.  So we had a lap full.  

I believe it teaching responaiblity.  That means chores.   Today D9 had sweep kitchen.   While others were washing dishes and cleaning cabinets D would position himself in their way and not move.  That earned him stool time until they fninshed their part of the kitchen.   Once they were done then he got to do his part. 

Or not.......

 This was his "mad" face.   I was so unmoved.  He kept being moved as he didn't like having his picture taken in mad mode.   Made it all the more fun to snap shots! 

Finally, he decided to "break" the broom.  That earned him stool time until he could find a better attitude and go sweep the kitchen correctly.   For D it was a short wait.  Maybe 10 minutes of setting on the stool and he announced he was going to go sweep and get his school all done.   Then in maybe 5 minutes he was done sweeping

Do you ever just know someone in Heaven is looking down smiling?   That is these next few pictures.  They kids are playing with blocks.  Very special blocks!   My mom made these blocks for HER gandkids!  They are really scraps of wood left over from making turtal foot stools.    She made and sold many many of them.  She had many many of these half moon pieces of 2x6.   Her grand kids, these kids daddies played HOURS and HOURS with them at her house.  Then they were moved to our house.  Where the boys continued to play with them for years.  Our other kids played with them too, but they had been put away so they are "new"  toys.  

But as usual the container is as much fun or more than the toy.  Look at the underside of this "chair". 
 Yes, oldest grandson is under the crate.  I heard him once telling them to, "Come sit on me."   Then telling me that they were "squishing" him.   The can't decide what is more fun the crate or the blocks. 

The other day I came in from outside to find someone using paper towels.  
 She did try to convince me she just needed to blow her nose.   :) 

It is almost lunch time!   Then three littles will all go down for a nap.   I put the two boys in the same room.  I do tend to hover until they shut their eyes.  Usually they are so tired by nap time it doesn't take long.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New couch and wild Indians...

Dh brought our new sectional home last night.  After much struggling and MUCH mumbling and work we finally got it in the house.  I told kids they better like it, it won't be replaced!  I also said if I had known it would have been this big a hassle  I would have stuck with what I had.  
 As we were cleaning and moving what was in the living room I Shocked my dd.  I told her this was the first new couch I had EVERY in my life had.    It is true!   We tend to do early American Garage sale.   The only reason I didn't buy that vintage sectional was I couldn't find one!  I have been looking!   A part of me feels silly for spending that much money on a couch, but I also figure once every 50 years is worth it.  

It filled the room more than I had planned.  I am so visual that I have to see it IN place to see it.  But even DH said it was a tad bigger than he had expected.  It will take getting use to but will be very nice.  

Now on to the painted Indians.   I bought sidewalk chalk again.................
See the strange looking sidewalk art?   It is sorta hard to see it but grand daughters face is NOT usually that pink.  T's face is MUCH darker and Grand son's face doesn't have white spots. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday!

We had an awesome weekend.  Buffalo Gap on Sat. Found the kids a couple of coats at a good price.   Then out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch.  On back to town.  I am looking for a new sectional sofa.   I have bought ONE new piece of furniture in 30+ years of marriage, our water bed.   I really want a comfortable recliner/sofa.   I also want more seat room than what we have now.  I think a Sectional is the best of both worlds.  We found one we liked on Sat.  Dh I  think is going to buy it today and bring it home on Tue.  That means today or tomorrow I need to move some stuff and have it ready for DH and strong young sons to move heavy furniture.   Anyone want an uncomfortable double recliner couch?   It is from a pet and kid friendly home.  

Sunday was the Rodeo.  This is the only professional sport I am interested in.  The only one I would pay money to go see.   We started the day off at Cowboy Church, then out to eat as a huge church family.   After that back to see the exhibits and then the rodeo.  MN had entered 2 drawings in the creative arts, and DIL two photo's.  Neither won anything, but it was a learning experience. 

Once the rodeo was over I was SOOO ready to go home.  I am battling a cold and deep coughs.   I came home and went to bed.  I rested well and started the day off feeling much better.   I am feeling tired as I keep coughing, but over all much improved.  

Today I hit the floor running.  Started off by stripping my bed.  I had sheets on to wash before 7 am.  Then I discovered I was almost out of laundry soap.  I have one more load of laundry to do.   I have a new 5 gallons of laundry soap made. 

We have an excess of milk so I decided to make cottage cheese.  I have about 3 gallons of milk 1/2 made into cottage cheese.   I am hoping kids will decided make lasagna with some of the cottage cheese.  They need to pull the recipe out and see what all else we need to buy.  

Thursday is town day.  We are planning playing at the park before therapy.   We will take a lunch and hang out with friends a while then do therapy.   Between now and then I have a list I want to achieve.  Life is never slow or dull around here.

Friday, February 18, 2011


This morning playing on the porch. 

Boys aren't the only ones that like trucks!

See this cabinet.  It is close to 1/2 a century old.   My mom made this for me out of apple crates when I was little.   I loved it!  I still love it!   Don't look at the pile of shoes in front off it, but look at the little arm reaching out of the open door.

Closer look of the open door!He had gathered a blanket and a pillow and I thought headed to the bedroom.  I followed to find him building him a nest in the little cabinet.  He ask me to shut the door for him.   I did.  He laughed.  He didn't stay in there very long.  Something about getting still for to long and being asleep. 

This was the other day.   See the small child in the baby stroller? 

Better look at small child.

Today again....
 Yes that is a lamb. Yes, it is in my living room.
I was working on this blog post today when I discovered grandson loving on this lamb.  It was worth a shot or two. 

As to why the lamb is in the house?  We picked him up this morning. Mama walked off and left him I am guessing, without ever feeding him.  He was pretty weak.  Isn't nursing well so we are feeding him as much as we can get down him every hour or so.  As much might be a tablespoon.  It is just easier than trying to to to the barn to feed him.   Maybe he will make it.   He is acting stronger.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeder lambs and only at my house.......

Baby lambs soon become feeder lambs.   These were born I think in November.  They are competing with their mamas for the corn I pour out.  I talked to my son, the "expert" about if it would be more cost effective to just pen them and feed them or leave them on mama's.   He said feed them!  They grow faster and right now the price is through the roof.  So we proceeded to sort off the bigger ones.  

 Then here are our bottle babies and their "bottle".

IPhone in almost dark doesn't take the best pictures, but these are goats and the "bottle" is my milk cow Buckets.   The babies have graduated to not needing a bucket to eat on Buckets.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Pics from about the last 2 weeks.

Between weather and retreat life has been over the top busy.   I have taken a few quick snaps with the camera but not many.  I didn't even take mine to retreat.  I knew I would be way to busy.  That was DIL's job.   Also some pictures are here of retreat: You can also see some on Face book under Heart of Motherhood Encounter.   Just search for it.  You can also start saving for next years and mark your calender.

I came in from chores to see this picture.  I couldn't resist!  Yes, he is in trouble, does it show?

I think most of these pictures are the first storm. It was really yucky for days.  We had temps down about 10.  That wasn't windchill.
 Swimming pool wasn't inviting to anyone.  No one in the polar bear club here.

We hauled buckets and BUCKETS of warm water to the stock.   Three gallons in a 5 gallon bucket was about all we could handle at a time.  
 Stock needs extra feed when it is cold.  I did cheat and use my truck not the ranger.  Mainly because the ranger does not do cold and wouldn't start! 

Cats didn't seem to mind the cold.  They had a nice barn to sneak back into.  
It really isn't hard to figure out why my kids don't like cold weather.  

 This is a peacock in a tree.  See his tail?  It is sticking straight out.  The wind was blowing that hard.  Behind them should be DIL and son's house, but it is hidden by snow. 
This was middle of the day even.  They didn't even want to come out of the tree.  Seems peafowl do NOT like snow.  They are from India and snow and long tails don't mix, neither does ice. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back From Retreat

Retreat was hard work.  If you don't believe me then check out this picture.
Retreat was also awesome and amazing and fun and exciting and filled with the presents of God.

Facility is already reserved for next year, same weekend.  Start saving now!   I was figuring if you start now and save $10 a month you will be very very close if not over what you need to come.   Add a bit more to your envelop for gas or what ever and you will be set!