Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A few more snapshots of life.

Sunday I had three beautiful young ladies in skirts!   They really looked like young ladies.  
 Today it was decided to make hamburgers.   I have a feeling hamburgers from scratch will also be a new experience.   She didn't get it when T told her we would have to make hamburger buns.  She said we could just use bread.   T then explained either way it had to be made.

First they ground the wheat.  Then we discussed what yeast is and why we use it.  She helped measure the ingredients for bread then helped pat the bread down to make buns.

Buns are rising now and soon will be baking.  Wonder if she has ever had fresh hot whole wheat bread.  They did make one loaf of bread along with the buns. 

Prayer request, she has bouts of homesickness.  She is still so much in limbo.  It is hard on me so I can't imagin how hard it is on her.   Specific request is peace beyond human understanding.  As we all walk by faith and trust Him to meet those needs we have in this adoption journey I just ask prayers for clarity and peace and an extra measure of guarding of hearts.   

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recipies- Good and Yummy

Wanted to share two recipes. The first is healthy and good.  The other is just yummy!

Brussels Sprouts!  I found a recipe that over all was a huge hit.  Some that sorta like Brussels sprouts liked, those that liked them loved this recipe.  We washed them then put them in a baking dish.  Added olive oil and sea salt.  Then baked them stirring often. Cook them with no top on the baking dish.  I think it could also be done in a stir fry way on top of the stove.  Cook until done.  It did take a while, but was so worth it. 

Then the totally bad for you but so totally yummy one was Oreo Cheese Cake

Preheat oven to 275
Crush a bag of oreos for a crust in a 9x13 baking dish or larger.  Ours was slightly larger.  
Mix 2 lbs cream cheese until smooth.  Gradually add 1 cup sugar until combined.  Add 1 tea spoon vanilla.  Drizzle 4 eggs a bit at a time into cream cheese mixture.  Add 1 cup sour cream an pinch of salt.  Crumble 1/2 bag of oreos into cream cheese mixture.  Pour over oreos in pan.  Top with remaining crushed oreos. Bake until done.  Refrigerate until cold. 

This is SOOO good! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sharing our weekend

We picked our guest up Friday.  She was very excited about helping make her cake.  I have lots of smiling pic., but I am not sharing face views.... yet :)   So you have to have some of the less good pictures.
 One of the special things we planned this weekend was a birthday cake.  She isn't 17 yet, but we weren't sure if she would get to be here ON her birthday.   She has gotten to do lots more first.  Above she is crushing graham crackers for a cake.   Then below licking the filling from her cheese cake.  She had never licked a bowl!  I so wish I could share the picture of her with the huge smile on her face and a spatula she is licking.
She got to spread cherries on her cheese cake!  Then lick the spatula before it went in the sink.
 Birthday time!   She was excited.  Gifts before cake!  

 Another first!  A blanket tent!   T 12 ask if she and guest could make a blanket tent to listen to Hank.  Guest had no idea what she was doing.   T was a fast teacher.   Then they settled in with LOTS of giggles to listen to Hank the Cowdog, another first!
I wish I could capture the giggles and smiles on here.   All the girls seem to be meshing well.  Pecking order is still up for grabs.  I really see her meshing into middle girl roll.  She is older but younger in many ways than MN.  T will still be youngest girl.

Continued prayers for hearts!  I so see God's hand in her smile.  We have a meeting on Wed. with our new agency.  Prayers as we meet with them for training. Yes we have done this for years, and yes I always have to take thoughts captive and trust God.  I have saw some amazing God moves in this walk.  I know that He is guiding it.  I just battle the flesh.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Request on our Adoption Journey...

Ebb and flow of life around here is fun and amazing and so highly blessed.   Who has time to blog!  I am way to busy living life. 

This is birthday month!   Two down four more to go!   We are jumping the gun on our guest birthday since we don’t know for sure if she will be here next weekend or not.  We have her now so we will take advantage of it.   She requested cherry cheese cake.  Case worker shared she was disappointed at not having a “party” last year.  We are doing our normal birthday.  Family!   That might be considered a party.   I’m not sure who can make it and who will miss it.   We will enjoy the cake and the fellowship either way.   I will let her help make her cake.   They are super simple!  

I do have a very specific prayer request for our guest.   I can’t imagine being moved into a new home, new world, new rules, new….. fill in the blank!   Please pray that her heart be protected.  That this goes extremely smooth.  Pray for the foster family also as this has to be hard on their end also. 

Other life happenings I have two in braces.  They are doing very well with care of them.   I’m not sure I blogged about it as they had teeth pulled and braces the week before Thanksgiving.  

Our school year will end the last of Feb.  I do pray for some direction on some of their school.  I love SOS.  For most of them I think it is great.  I have one or two though that I’m not sure are college bound.  I wonder what direction is best to get the most education in the time left before they are grown. 

I guess I have several specific and general prayer requests.  I pray our guest mesh.  She seems to be doing well at it.  I pray that she have a teachable spirit and the ability to bond.   I pray for hearts, especially hers to be protected.  I pray for wisdom for all of us as we grow individually and as a family, that we quickly become family in the ways that are important.  No last minute glitches in moving her here, from her side or our side of this adoption journey.  
I also ask that prayers be said to protect all of us from hurtful people that don't understand the call to adopt, especially older children.   That the negative just not be spoken.   That people speak blessings both in our hearing and away, but especially in the hearing of our children.   We do know that adopting a 17 yo isn't every one's calling.   Seventeen year old's deserve a forever family just as much as newborns!  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun filled Saturday Dec. 1

We have had a wonderful weekend.  I took a few pictures of the quiet day at home. 
I got to watch littles while mom went bike riding with assorted bigger kids, those that had chores done, wanted to and could ride a bike.
 1 year old and I sat on the porch. She was totally happy just setting.  Then big dog came along.  Did I mention he LOVES her.   He sat down beside her.  
 Then he laid down beside her.  It was so sweet listening to her coo to this massive ball of fur that was begging to be touched. 

 She lost interest before the dog did.  She wondered off leaving a sad puppy.   We came inside to see 16 yo teaching 3 yo how to make survival bracelets.
 On to find a new animal to pet.  This is my big tom cat.  I find it funny he kept being where she was. He wouldn't leave either, and didn't scratch. 
 While everyone else played, 13 yo played in his own way.  He loves to build.  His dad told him he could work in the bathroom.  He paneled the whole bathroom insulating it first today.   This wasn't just straight cuts, but under stairs!  He did come and tell me he cut one piece backwards for the angel of the stairs.  He was content but exhausted tonight.  He would come get his brother to help hold a few pieces with him.  
 More survival bracelet making.  Yes, that is our guest.  She did awesome.  We had a good weekend. 
Guest trying her hands at making a bracelet. 
Board games, I personally think of them as four letter words, but others seem to like them.
 Even littles like them, even when they just set in laps and watch.  
 We had a friend out today.  Grand daughter and her dd played well together. 
 Cookies?  Yes!   Chocolate chip from ear to ear!   They were good 15 yo made them.
 Because she ask me to take hers also!  She got a picture taken. 
 Jumping on the trampoline! 

Bike repair shop!  Friends sons brought bikes out to ride, but first they needed some TLC.  We drug 13 yo away from building project to work on bikes.  He is handy to have around!