Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls and their skirts....

This is MN.  She is now 12.  she is modeling her skirt she made yesterday.  

Notice the stylish shoes she has chosen to set her beautiful skirt off.  
This is T. She is 9 she has made two skirts, but in her "rush" to finish she made one of them upside down.   She then got to pratice ripping out seams.
Her shoes DO match!

I tried to explain to both girls that if they put a split in the side it would be easier to walk.  They neither one saw the need.   T has already ask me how to split her skirt.  She seemed to need more walking space.  MN may not do this one but I have a feeling she will also make a walking split in the other one.   I do not know why both of them wanted the skirts so long, but they did.   T did tell me she could wear it longer this way.  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday Weekend....And afternoon ramblings...

I love holiday weekends, usually the grocery store has some good buys.  Since I buy very little that isn't on sale I stock up.  

We are planning on having BBQ chicken Sat.  We wanted brisket, but it wasn't on sale.  Ribs are number one but they weren't on sale either.   So it will be chicken!   I only bought once case!   I never buy case chicken that I don't remember the time my oldest walked out of the store on me for buying cases.  I was filling the basket with the 10 lb bags of chicken when a worker told me they have them in cases.  After finding out they are 40 lbs I ask for 2 case.  Ds went poof!   I do remind him of it when he buys cases of food now.    Today I only bought one case.  I think I have one case in the freezer still. 

They had corn on the cob.  They even gave a choice of each or by the case.  I took two cases of corn on the cob.   Watermelon were down to almost reasonable.  I only got 3 of them.   I hope the kids picked good ones.   That was their dept.    I will hold them responsible for any yucky watermelons.

As I sit here I wonder at how blessed I am.   I have one, D8 learning typing on the computer.  Both girls were working on skirts.  T has now finished hers.  I marvel at how happy she is.  I have held her nose to the grind stone on it and not allowed her to play on the computer or just play to finish her projects.  She struggles with starting and never finishing.  I have made her finish.  She is proud.  I am sure she will be wearing it to Church on Sunday.   Everyone please pray that MN develops a love for sewing.  She doesn't "like" it, but I think she would be much happier with her cloths if she mastered it.   She is now working on her skirt.   I will take pictures  Sunday morning of those that are done.

D11 is working on finishing this weeks school.  MJ was discussing how to make chicken pot pie for supper.  I'm not sure if that is what we are having or not.  He discussed it then went poof. 

We had a fun filled day at the park earlier today with friends.   We are going to start a Bible Study for some of us moms while the kids hang out.   This will give our kids more time to fellowship and us more time to fellowship and grow with God.  Our "plan" is to do it every other Friday when we don't have produce.  I hope it can be a great time of bonding for us and our children.  

Tammy, I will get pictures of my shelving uprights.  I am just hiding out in the AC and playing on here instead of going outside.  

Food for Thought..... Commits?

Borrowed from the Texas Rubies site.....  

Mom's on the Computer (to the tune of Cat's in the Cradle.)

My computer arrived just the other day,

It came on the porch in the usual way

So many blogs to read and games to play

My child learned to walk, while I twittered away

And he was talkin’ for I knew it, as my friends list grew

He’d say I’m gonna be like you mom

You know I’m gonna be like you

And mom’s lost on the computer, lettin' dinner burn

Little boy wanders, he just wants to learn

When you getting off mom?

I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then

we're gonna have a good time then

My son turned ten just the other day

He said "thanks for the wii, mom, come on let’s play"

"Can you teach me how it works?" I said “Not today”

"I got a blog to write" he said “that’s okay”

And he walked away while the computer never dimmed

He said, “I’m gonna be like them, yeah”

You know I’m gonna be like them

And mom’s lost on the computer lettin' dinner burn

Little boy wanders, he just wants to learn

When you getting off mom?

I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then

We're gonna have a good time then

Well my son came home just the other day

iPod in his ears, while he texted away

"Son, I'm proud of you, can you sit for a while?"

He shook his head and he said with a smile

"I'd really like to Mom, but talkins' not my thing"

"Check my status, for what's happening"

And mom’s lost on the computer lettin' dinner burn

Little boy wanders, he just wants to learn

When you getting off mom?

I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then

You know we’ll have a good time then

Well my blog's retired and my Facebook out-of-date

My son texted, “Hey mom, I just can't relate"

I said, "I'd like to see you if you have some time."

He said, "I'd love to mom but skype if you don't mind."

"You see my website's down and my workload just grew."

"but it's nice texting with you, mom"

It's been sure nice texting with you."

And as I typed “c u later” it occurred to me

He'd grown up just like me

My boy was just like me

You know it is going to be an interesting day when.........

The kids come in saying, "Mom, Rosie has porcupine quills".  

After very little searching look what I found!!!
This one is only about 1/2 grown. 

They are really neat critters! 
I scooped him in a box.  He is now in the back of the ranger waiting to be relocated far from the house. 
MN is so much my child.  She ask if they make good pets.  I had to own up to having one we found when I was a kid.  It was caught in a snare.   We kept it a few weeks then turned it loose.  It would eat cow cake, setting up on it's back legs.   

I may wait until this evening so grandson can see it before I turn it loose.

Kids are discussing what cage we can put it in until tonight.  :)  

Guess I should make a move to get it done so we can go play in the park with friends.

Hope everyone elses day is less eventfull than ours has started out!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend ramblings and other life happenings...

Last Thursday I kept grandson. He was a bit fussy. So T came up with a solution! She made him a car to be pushed around it. What you can't see is the blanket in the bottom to be soft to sit on. The pillow behind him shows up. Not sure who had more fun!

Next day grand daughter got plopped in it. She wasn't as sure about it. Once it started moving it was fine though! Girls sit her in it so she could watch them wash dishes.

Sat. I went to an auction. I had a lot of fun. My DH stayed home. Well, he stayed home until I called him as I had filled my truck and had just bought a load of shelving. It doesn't have the uprights, but I now have a pick up LOAD of the peg board and the shelves for like grocery store shelves. I need to find where to find the uprights. Any ideas?

While I was gone my SIL and nephew came over for the weekend. He discovered that I had a mama duck and 4 babies in the pond. Sunday morning there were 3 babies. Monday morning 2 swimming and one hurt/dying. I had the kids catch those two.
My nephew took pictures of them on my camera swimming in the pond. I know I saw them, but this morning they were gone when I went to down load them.

He did get pictures of the peafowl. We had a mama come in with 7+ babies Sat. also. :)

Monday morning I had one chasing a pea hen, but that hen made it known that she was not his mama. So I had the kids collect it and add it to the "collection".

Sunday my son and DIL went to a home birth party. They came home with a chick. Seems someone had lost all of them but one and wanted a new home for it so.....

I had a chick to care for. I guess God knew that that chick needed buddies.
The black duck doesn't show up against the black scratch guard plastic I have in there to contain mess more. Chick is totally at home. The others are OK, but run to the back when we come near. I think that will change. All I need is a baby guinea to add to the zoo!   How confused will these be as they grow up "buddies"?   Should be interesting.  

Not much other news.  Kids are done with piano for at least a month as their teacher does an internship and also gets set to go to college this fall.  

Pool is about clean and we are swimming in it.  I swam the other night for the first time.  It was nice!  If it hadn't been 10:30 I might have swam longer.   As it was I cooled off and went to bed.  

Everyone have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our day.......

I thought I would give everyone a snap shot of our day. This isn't all that is going on but just a few of the things I caught before I started trying to post. Blogger is NOT posting pictures well today or allowing me to move them like it should.

MN decided to bake cookies. After much searching for a good recipe she decided on chocolate chip. At our house it isn't as simple as getting the flour out. First you have to GRIND the wheat berries to make the flour. Today that required opening a 5 gallon bucket of berries.

After much work I caught the boys doing school. MJ and MN both dislike the camera. I try to catch them not aware I have it.
TJ has dinner tonight. I suggested crock pot bake potatoes with all the trimmings. I have read about them but never tried them. I will let everyone know how it works.
Update since I had a friend come visit before I again re posted as blogger kept posting when I didn't want it posted! The 'tators were wonderful! Some were a little over cooked but we had 2 crock pots full and after eating were down to a few. We will do this again, maybe even with sweet potatoes.
MN thought she was dodging the camera. I teased her she poised with an "S" poise. She wasn't impressed. She told me she wasn't posing but trying to avoid the camera. :) I know but .....

The blur is another child avoiding the camera. They don't dodge this much when I have water!

Breakfast clean up! T is working hard on her part, which was dishes this morning!
Now if I really want to clear the room I use this.........

This is my own mixture of essential oil and vinegar with a bit of dish soap. MMMMM it runs dogs, kids, flies, bugs ....... works well!
MJ "doing school" ? More like he was sitting then when he saw me hid his faceI decided my ducks and geese needed more room. I moved them into larger digs. They love it.
Where you might ask is their new digs?
It is a good thing DH doesn't read my bog!
Wonder how long it will take him to notice they are no longer in the front yard by the pump house?

Consequences..... with help! Mr. D8 has been building all week to some stiff consequences. He earned them. Weeding an area in the back yard. I couldn't keep from taking pictures and laughing as he pouts, screams, yells, but doesn't cuss (improvement). He attracted some "helpers" They like where he is messing around in the dirt. I have saw peafowl, chickens, dogs and cats "helping".
He is testing to see if he really has to weed the area or if I will give in. Funny IF he took advice he could save himself some time since this isn't a new consequence. Others are looking at him and thinking back to when they sat and refused to pull weeds. I allowed the weeds would just keep growing and they would keep missing fun things. Finally it would register on them mom really meant it.

See the garden hose? That is his area. He knows exactly how much to do. Dad assigned it last night and showed him. He started then. OUTSIDE the area! Folks this is what is known as ODD or oppositional defiant disorder. I ask him last night where dad said pull weeds. He told me exactly. I just say "Cool! love it that you are doing the whole back yard!" He sorta got back in his area since he didn't get the reaction he wanted.
Night has come before I finished. He has gotten a lot of the weeds pulled as he fussed and complained about it. I just laugh and go on with life.
Other fun news!!!! I get to keep grand son tomorrow!!!!! Not sure who is more excited me are the kids. :)

Puppies Puppies PUPPIES .... Kid tested!

Here are the little ones.   They were born April 22.  So they are now 4 weeks old.   They are attacking the dog food with milk in it.   They aren't eating dry yet.
As you can see they are chicken safe..... at least for now!

Did I mention we have 10?   I would like to sell them for $75, giving to friends and family. 
Now for the kid tested ones.  These are 1/2 guardian dog and 1/2 mountain cur.   They are so laid back.   They don't try to escape the loving arms of a 2 yo.   They were born April 11Th.   They are about 6 weeks old now and ready for homes.   

Lots of blurry shots.  Try getting 7 puppies and a 2 yo to be still!

All the ones of grandson on the tub he is avoiding the puppies.  He did discover it is lots of fun to push them off as they try to climb up. 

Baby toes are so tasty!   Puppies kept trying to sample them.  
"Mommy can I keep it?" 
He was having fun bringing each puppy to me for pictures.  
This is my favorite picture of all I took.  Puppy does look a little bored but grandson is SO proud!

I don't know if you can tell how calm these puppies are being toted.   They don't squirm or try to get down.  I have only one that avoids grandson.   The rest are right there to be loved.
These must be baying dogs as they have a kid treed. 
Something else I notice as he plays with them, or even just when we are in the barn area.  They don't bark much.   With a kid or kids in the barn they don't bark.  They do LOTS of tail wagging though.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since I don't have a 1 yo to chase I decided to look for a simple skirt pattern for the girls. I was looking on line and found this: It looked SOOOOOO simple I abandond looking on line and decided to try it. I measured T's lenght. Then I allowed her to pick out a piece of material that she liked from our stash. It was 30 inches wide. I cut it off at her lenght sewed it together put a "hem" top and bottom, added elestic to the top and finished product! Two hours later she has a nice bright flowered skirt to wear. I think it is a little to much material around, but it is still pretty and she was thrilled. From Start to finish it took me 2 hours. That with all the inturptions such as helping with school, taking son up to get his truck from under the shed. I will pick out some material for MN a skirt this afternoon since we have to go see CPS.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quite day............ way to quite..................

Today I have heard from all the kids more than once that they sure miss Grand son! Mom graduated on Sat from college. Now she is staying home! How dare her!!!!!! I really think she needs a 4 year degree instead of a 2 year!!!!

Here are a few snapshots of the past 8 months! We have kept him since he was 8 months old, not crawling much less running. We have went from gates to keep him out of the kitchen and from falling down the garage steps to him thinking that the garage steps are a favorite place to play.

I do almost feel sorry for my DIL since this child has had 5-7 kids at his call 4 days a week, then his sister at home on the weekends to play with. Now it is him and mommy all day. Bet I got a lot more done today than she did!