Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Done deal! Papers Signed....

It has been an interesting journey to adding this young lady to our family.   We first heard about her in Aug.  A visit was planned which didn't happen due to her case worker having a family emergency.   Then our new case worker didn't hit it off with us so we decided to switch agencies.  

We had a weekend with her and felt she was a good fit.  We hoped for a Thanksgiving visit, but didn't happen.  We had her the next weekend.  Then she came for an extended visit middle of the month. 

Mean while we were scrambling to jump through the hoops for the new agency.  They "thought" the homestudy would be done mid Dec.   The enemy had other plans.   It has drug out until today
Today we were blessed!   Three women all of whom I felt very comfortable with here.  Two CPS workers and our new agency worker.    Our new worker had to stop and pet the donkey before she even got to the house.  One of the CPS workers had to trek back up the hill with MN to see the new baby goats! 

They all wanted me to teach them to make cheese and yogurt and peanut butter!   I laughed and explained that most of my hard cheese the dogs wouldn't even go bury.   I can do soft cheese.  

So today a new chapter starts.   She did melt my heart.  Her case worker shared this: her case worker told me that she has told her over and over she has a huge hole in her heart because she doesn't have a forever family. Today her cw ask her how that hole was and she said it was very small. makes my heart soar!  Moments and words like that pay for the tears and heart aches that go with children.  Will she break my heart? Sure!   Name one child that has grown to adult hood without breaking their parents heart, and all parents of adult children will tell you that it doesn't stop there.   It is part of the price of parenthood.   Rewards are amazing moments that you carry through the tough times.   Or that carry you!

We still have more hoops to jump through that I would like covered in prayer.  We have applied for a waiver to homeschool.   It may take a week maybe longer.  In the morning she has to start public school.  I pray a hedge of protection around her in this.  I also pray for this waiver to come quickly.  Pray that as it becomes real everyone meshes into a real family.  It takes time and God's hand. 

For now I am breathing a sigh of relief. Breakthrough in this area is wonderful!  I continue to pray breakthrough in other areas that we need breakthrough in.   God knows each and every area that the enemy is attacking. 


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled and sooooo happy for you ALL!!!! Prayers and thanksgiving!

DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Wonderful! So it's a DONE DEAL! She's home with you. Praying for the waiver and your unspoken requests.

~Tammy~ said...

Welcome to the family, N.L.V. (No longer Visitor!) (So far I don't even know what other initials to use!)