Friday, January 4, 2013

Uploading Pictures?? and a Prayer Request

I had planned to do a blog post and share some pictures.   Seems Blogger isn't in the mood.  It won't let me upload.  I could share from another sight, or any of the other options, but not upload from my computer.  Anyone else having issues? 

One of the things I wanted to share was a prayer request.   Our guest is still here, still in the land of limbo.  We are moving slowly toward getting her placed.  Please pray for this land of limbo to be done soon.  It is very stressful on ME.   I did find a quote I really liked that fit where I am. 
I'm really wanting need some doors to open!   I have this list I keep bringing before Him as I pray.  In part I have peace, in part I am struggling with some issues.  I am doing a lot of faith walking.  I can either walk in faith or I can not walk.  I choose to walk by faith.   He knows the doors I want opened.  He knows the way I want them open, but I am willing to wait trusting that by waiting and not walking in disobedience the outcome will be what I want.   Prayers for continued peace in my spirit as I walk this long hallway out.  Prayers for our beautiful young lady to not be stressed in case she has to attend ps for a few weeks until we get the waver done to homeschool her.  Prayers that the waver comes through quickly supernaturally so ps doesn't even become an issue.  Prayers that our new agency will get everything in place quickly and smoothly.  Prayers for some heart issues that I choose to not share, but God knows.  

Thanks to each and everyone who prays.  I know God hears your prayers.  I know that through our pettitions we will have break through, that He is catching the tears that have fallen.  If you have some good scriptures to de stress please share.  I could use them.     


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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

I have no clue why blogger is finicky at time. Praying with you. I love that quote. I'm doing quite a bit of hallway praying myself these days. LOL