Saturday, December 7, 2013


We don't do Christmas as most of America does.  I think the second year we had adopted children I canceled Christmas because of the spirit of gimmy that was flowing so.  I discovered it was WONDERFUL!  We have instead done things like Angel Tree.  We have bought food for a family and gifts but it was not received right.  They expected it the next year, even called and ASK if we were.  Back to the spirit of gimmy I was trying to get rid of.  

This year I was asking God what to do and came up with the idea of giving $10 Wal-Mart cards to who ever we felt led.  So each time we are in town I give the 4 big kids a card each and say bless someone, they pray and look and give.

First week I only had three big kids.  I hand the cards out as we were getting ready to check out.  They took off as 11 yos and I checked out.   In a few minutes 17yo came  back glowing.  She had given her card to a mom with a little kid.  The lady was thrilled with it she said.  We talked about how it felt to give.  About that time this lady came toward 17 yo like she knew her all smiles, long lost friend type.  I was trying to figure out how she knew her.  She gave her a big hug and walked off.  It was the woman she had given the card too!!!!   She had a maybe 2 yo in her cart. 

Then 14 yo son came with his story. He had picked an older woman and shared what we were doing.  Seems she questioned him up and down about why and why he didn't spend it on himself.  I would have loved to have saw the look on his face at that.  I know he would have looked shocked.   She finally took it and told him to have a Merry Christmas and she was going to bless someone that needed it more than her with the card.  Then gave him a hug. 

Next came 12, now 13 yo DD.  She also gave it to an older woman.  She got hugged and told thank you.  All three glowed! 

This week was even more special  I gave 4 cards out and 13 yo circled Wal-Mart 4 times and couldn't find who to give it too. As we were leaving the parking lot there was a lady waiting at the bus stop. She was on a scooter with bags sitting at her feet.  Her back was toward the wind huddled down in her coat.  Wind chill was in the teens I would guess.  I turned around and ask if she still had her card.  She jumped out went over gave the card to the lady told her what we were doing, got a hug and came back saying the lady cried.  It was moving and sobering for all the kids. 

What I love is the kids can't wait to give again.  The first week they were a bit nervous about doing it.  The second week they were grabbing at cards!   They couldn't wait!  They talked about it all week.  I am now wondering about doing this monthly as part of our tithe.  It is such a blessing for my kids to do this.   I know $10 isn't huge, but it is something.  It could buy milk or diapers or formula or beans.   I love how my kids glow in doing it.   

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