Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayer Journal

For a friend I am re-sharing this:

Prayer Journal

This will work with any size notebook.   A notebook that pages can be added to is a big plus as some sections fill up faster than others.   Using dividers label the sections as follows. 


This is a place to write down daily thoughts and daily prayer request.

Monday-Family, sub tabs for each person in your family, don’t forget one for yourself.

For large families you might split this up.  In this divider you put a section for each  person, you pray for each one of them.  Their needs, your dreams for them.   In a large family consider  tuck 2-3 into each days prayer time instead of trying to give serious attention to each member on Monday if praying for all of them on Monday is overwhelming or one week pray from the top of the list to the bottom then the next week from the bottom of the list to the top.


Here is a special place to lift up those that we love and have the privilege to call friend.


We all need prayers for better financial management and stewardship.


A special place to pray for our health and the health of those we care about.


This day is to cry out to the Lord.  Seek Him on a personal level.

Sat-Our Nation

Our nation needs our prayer.  Set aside Saturday to pray for everything from elected officials to our military.

Sunday-Church Family

Jot down the prayer request from Church to pray over during the week.  Pray for those you know need extra lifting up.  Pray for pastors, staff who ever God leads you to pray for. You might take your journal to Church to note prayer request. 

Answered Prayers

This is a section to record when prayers are answered.     

Daily Gratitude

Write 5 things that you are grateful for that day. You can do this right before bed or in the evening sometime. These don’t have to be big earth shattering revelations, as most things you are grateful for are not. These entries are what matter to you and what you are grateful for. This is a very personal venture. The only 2 rules with the gratitude journal are:

Everything in it must be positive and;

You can only list something you’re grateful for once – no repeating entries. Remember that you may want to read over your journal entries in the future. This can be a great pick-me-up when you're feeling stressed or depressed.

Remember that you may want to read over your journal entries in the future. This can be a great pick-me-up when you're feeling stressed or depressed



Here's How:

1.    Decide on a Journal
You may want to maintain your journal online, or in paper form. When deciding which route to take in selecting a journal, think about whether you'd rather type or print, where you'd like to do the bulk of your writing, and whether privacy is an issue that may affect your decision.
More tips on selecting a journal

2.    Decide On A Framework
You can write long, descriptive paragraphs about what you appreciate in your daily life, or your gratitude journal can consist entirely of lists. You can write about a preset number of items per entry (10 per day, for example). Or, you can just resolve to write about whatever seems right for a particular day. The main idea is to get yourself into a place of reflection and gratitude. Do what works best for you.

3.    Commit To A Schedule
An important aspect of the long-term success of your gratitude journal is the frequency with which you use it. It's usually best to aim for once a day in the beginning, or several times per week, but allow yourself some wiggle room if things get busy. You want to make a commitment that will keep you inspired to write, even if you aren't always in the mood, because this exercise can help change your mood). Just don't allow that to be so rigid that you'll be tempted to give up the whole plan if you slip up once or twice.

4.    Just Keep Writing
Many people find that their whole attitude changes once they've been keeping a prayer journal for a while; they tend to notice things throughout the day that they may want to include in the journal -- things they wouldn't have otherwise noticed. To maintain a more optimistic attitude, be sure to write regularly. If you find yourself skipping days with increasing frequency, gently remind yourself why you're maintaining the journal in the first place, and be grateful that you are able to get back into the habit of writing again anytime you want. Enjoy!


Remember that all gratitude doesn't need to be saved for the journal. Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate them. From people in your family to sales clerks and postal employees you encounter in your day, everyone likes to know that they're appreciated. And their positive reactions can help put you in a positive mood, too.


Quick Tips on Selecting a Journal


The type of journal you use if a reflection of your personality, and can affect your process. Here are some journaling options:

Beautiful Books:

Some people do well buying the most beautiful blank book they can find, which inspires them to fill it with beautiful things, and have a nice keepsake to boot. However, some people find that a beautiful book puts on too much pressure; they don’t write as freely or as deeply because perfectionism takes over and they become afraid to make ‘mistakes’, focusing more on grammar and penmanship than content, and end up unable to put anything on paper.

Plain Books:

A plain notebook or cheap-looking blank book can ‘give permission’ to fill its pages with bad drawings, scrawled rants, and other forms of expression that can be cathartic. Also, a more mundane-looking book can be left in plain view or taken with you to the office or a coffee shop, and it won’t scream “Hey, I’m a diary! Read me!”

·  The Computer: The computer is another great option for recording your thoughts. For one thing, many people find that they can type faster than they can write. Also, some may find it distracting to worry about penmanship, and typing at a keyboard ensures that their entries will be easily readable. There’s the added benefit of never needing to buy or store new journals.


Some people really enjoy the act of writing with a pen, and like to see how their handwriting reflects their moods and internal world. If you’re one of these people, you may want to invest in a really nice pen that writes smoothly and beautifully. Think about if you prefer a fine or medium tip, a ball-point or other kind of pen. You can even experiment with different colors. Very creative types even like to include pictures in their journals.

There are many options for creating your journal. Think about what’s important to you, and what will make you most comfortable.


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