Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sand Hills 2014

As a Church group we spend the weekend at the Sand Hills again.  This year proved to be WINDY.  Setting up tents wasn't very fun, and then Friday night the wind blew all night.  We woke up to cloudy COLD winds.  Temps in the 50s but add 30 mph winds and you are sand blasted.  Still it was fun!
We had about 40 people.  Most of them under 18!
 I think there were 10 above, figure the 12 and under crowd added to about 16, that leaves some teens!
One very interesting thing we learned is just how good lavender is on sunburn.   Several, ok many were a tad sunburned yesterday and those that used doTERRA Lavender had no pain, no redness this morning those that didn't...................   I did offer it to anyone.  :)


Remember the child that thought he could not finish school and play??? His weekend was school in the camper!  
 I love windmills and have a of this windmill.  Seems to be my favorite target.

Sand disc scattered up the little hill by camp. 

Littles digging

 Not sure what kind of flower this is but they were pretty.

Camp!  or part of it since we had 6 sites and all of them full!  It was a fun weekend.  The wind did die down Sat. evening after dark and made for a beautiful night and early morning.  

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