Sunday, September 7, 2014


Today was a lot of fun.  We went to the Malpais which is Spanish for badlands. It is a volcanic flow or three.  Here or some of the pics I took

I thought this was a cool tree.  I wonder how old it is.  My guess is very old.

This is what the rocks on the "hiking trail" looked like at their smallest.

Colors didn't show up as well as  wanted on the pretty little flowers in front of this cactus.

This was the rock cairns that we used to keep track of the "trail" across the malpais. 

It is hard to see the two cairns of rock in this picture across the lava.   It was a tough 1/2 hike taking about an hour to do the mile.  We could have did a 3 mile round trip but chickened out.   Walking was HARD.
Can you see the "trail" between me and the kids in the picture?  This is what the whole trail was like.

This was the natural bridge over some of the lava flow.  It helps you see how huge and deep this are. 

Checking out an old ice cave. 

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