Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Red River Area

 It's called "The Enchanted Circle".  It is a circle from Angel Fire, through Eagles Nest, on to Red River then Questa, Taos, and finally back to Angle Fire.   We camp about 16 miles below Angle fire.  Some days the fog hovers over the valley when we get to Angel Fire then we drive above it and can look down on the clouds.  This trip wasn't like that.  

These pictures are at a couple of little lakes below Red River, on the Red River.   Fawn Lakes is the name of it.   We usually stop and fishermen fish while I take pictures or just hang out. 

 After we left there heading toward Questa we saw these big horn sheep at another camp ground.  We turned around and got some pictures of them.  We have saw them before at the Rio Grande Gorge at Taos, but never along this road. 

 New stop was the Wild River http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation/taos/wild_rivers_rec_area.html .  It is where the Red River meets the Rio Grande.  It is a LONG ways from the driving area to where they meet.   I had wanted to hike down which wouldn't be too hard, but the thought of hiking back out was enough to stop me.   I think it is around 800 feet to the bottom. 

 This picture shows both the Red and Rio Grande.

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