Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cement Countertop Done!!!

Final step waxing!  I broke down and bought a buffer polisher to finish. I was very disappointed in it.  Iassembled  all the needed items. 

I applied wax, buffed off according to directions on the countertop wax.  I didn't see a higher gloss or anything. Dh feels the buffer isn't working well.  I called GOOD!   Yes, patients was gone.

Next step, assembling.  

I must say colors didn't match like they were suppose too.  Oh well life lessons or what ever. 

Creatively we made the top slightly longer and an inch wider than the bottom peice. Wider because I want my bunn to fit on the end side ways.  I needed 8 inches.  I now have it. Wider to have a slightly larger coffee stirring space. 

Maybe not totally in plan, but hey it's a first!  I am overall pleased. The most disappointing is color. I think I will research acid washing to add color.  

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