Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Light in a Bottle

I needed a distraction while I break from cabinet top creating. I saw the lights in a bottle and decided to try it.  

A friend had given me some gallon wine bottles. She thought I could put milk in them. No, but I hated to just trash them so I had been holding on to them.  

First I needed a hole in the side.  I didn't take pictures. I read different ways to do it but didn't have a diamond drill and didn't want to wait.  I broke out my dremel tool and a grinding tip. I stabilized the bottle in a crate with material around it on its side. Since I didn't want it shattering I taped the area with masking tape.  I started grinding. It wasn't as hard as I expected. 

Since that worked I needed lights!   

After reading several how to ideas I jumped in. I used a long string 100 lights since it was a gallon bottle. 

Cut the plug off where you can re-wire taping well. 
Cut both ends off. Tape the end used to string lights together well. The plug in side I dropped in the top fished out my hole and re-wired. I even checked to see if they worked!  
Start stuffing!  I stuffed them all but decided I wanted some in the neck so unstuffed held some back and stuffed. 

I then used a twisty to keep some from settling to the bottom. 
Have no idea what I will do with it but it was fun to make. 

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