Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday S offered to help MN with Tunia.  He got my old kid saddle.  It isn't in very good shape but for this it works.  

After she got through smelling of it he went to put it on her.  
 Then they walked around with it on a bit.   She was pretty unbothered by the whole thing.

 Adjustments were made so the saddle would "fit".  
While that was happening outside the yard kids were playing down the ramp.   D9 giving K a ride down the ramp.  The crash and burn at the end was worth the ride.  They did it several times.

Big moment, mounting.  Since the saddle wouldn't tighten up enough to allow her to swing on and she was to short to just step on out came the little black stool. 

Donkey wasn't totally happy with the whole idea, but guessed it was OK if everyone else was OK with it.  

She wants to start doing this on a almost daily bases.   She hopes that by the time she is really old enough to ride much she will be well broke and can be a lot of fun.  Oh wait she is a lot of fun now.  

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