Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Fun

 Little girl watching mommy and daddy and a few others shoot.  

Big and little girls watching the happenings. 

My SIL getting instructions in how to shoot a pistol.  She knows how to shoot a rifle, but a pistol is a new toy.  

The cheering section as she learned the basics.   She did decide later it wasn't for her.  She had open heart surgery less than a year ago and the recoil made her hurt after the fact. 

Poor D12 earned dish duty for several days because of a bad attitude about helping with dishes and not doing his part right.   But never fail he had help!  

Today we made 2 peach cobblers.  I had T and MN both making a cobbler.  T was frustrated with the littles "help".  I got both of them a tray and gave them some pie dough.  

Grand son rolled his out used cookie cutters and made cookies.  He then topped them with vanilla sugar and cinnimon. 

Grand daughter did manage to make two cookies with help.  The rest of the dough she ate.  :)

 This afternoon these two rode many circles on the porch like this.  I wouldn't be surprised if grand daughter had raw spots on her heels from dragging them and grand son had raw spots from pushing.  They had lots of fun doing it. 

Later Grand son ask to ride bikes.  This is his version of riding bikes. 

I didn't get a picture of the roughly 80 lbs of ribs we BBQed or the two double batches of potato salad we made this weekend.  Or even the large bowl of coleslaw.  Yes, I did say 80 lbs, it was a case.  We fed 20 or so people multiply times today, and multiple times on Sat.    Oh almost forgot the 2 briskets we BBQ to take on vacation next weekend. 

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