Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging for Sanity

Today D9 has sweeping duty, two rooms, living room and kitchen.  He has been working on the kitchen almost an hour.  I just took pictures to post on what is STILL on the floor.  J  It may shape up to be an all day affair, which will translate into him having this duty daily until the cows come home or better yet he learns to sweep in a timely manner.  Want to take bets on how long it will take him to sweep two rather large rooms? 
Yes this is a tisue.  Yes, he has been told he must pick up all trash.

 Clothes pin?   Hummmm not trash but still not where it goes....

Wadded dirty sock?   Again, not trash, but sure not where it belongs.  
So far he has ask to go to the restroom.  I assured him he was more than welcome to go as soon he finishes the kitchen.   Next he needed to blow his nose.  I again assured him he was more than welcome to as soon as he finishes sweeping the kitchen.   Back to needing to go to the restroom.  Then assuring me he was done, with only the clothes pin picked up.  Then he did manage to find the sock.  Still has the tissues plus dirt he has "missed".  

I may blog a lot today to make up for sanity and keep me from strangling a small child.   I am trying HARD to keep the, how ever long, it takes attitude.  It is HARD when he is just either glaring or walking around the kitchen.   Pray for me!  Pray for him!  Pray that this ODD behaviour he wears and uses like a wepond will dwindle and be no more.   That God's healing will route out the ODD and fill him instead with peace and love and compassion.  

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