Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Naval Commander and his first weekend of boat building

This is D12.  He is a boat builder.

This is his "boat".  If you look close, or maybe not to close you will see the holes in the bottom.  It is a former water trough.   It lost it's job when the whole bottom started rusting out, and would no longer hold water.

Setting the main sail, or wait the only sail.  
Some of the many helpers and advisors involved in this epic adventure.

 Coverning holes with boards. 

 This would slow the amount of water that comes in at any given time.

Setting the sail. Notice it is a paper calender. 
 Nothing like having an older brother willing to help you and encourage you along.
 And give you a much needed push when it is required.
 Sail has already been lost, but he is using arm power to power across the pond, then from one end to the other. 

 Notice the white thermal undershirt under the wet blue t-shirt.  He had matching bottoms on.  They can be seen through the knee holes in the jeans.   It was COLD today.  Wind was about 20mph with gust to 45mph. 

His boat did end up at the bottom of the pond a few times.  He came in changed clothes and spent all after noon working on patching holes.

He is waiting for a warmer day to set sail again.  For now he is content with what he did accomplish.   I was very proud of him.  This is the child that was afraid to put his face in the water in the pool 2 years ago.  For him to set sail across the ocean of a pond in a leaky water trough shows lots of growth in boy like smarts.   

I see lots of fun adventures for him in the future as he discovers that life can be fun and not totally frightening.  

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

GREAT afternoon project. A Wonderful boat - and yes i AM way behind on blog reading. LOL