Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Stuff!

Since we didn't have anything going on we decided to buy a few (12) dairy billy kids a few weeks ago.   Just to keep us from being bored.  Then Friday we went and got a few more (15).   So if you are keeping count that is 27 kids!  Add our 2 lambs that the dogs killed the mamas to and we have more than a few.  To start with each little goat has to be shown how to nurse the cow.  They aren't use to reaching quite so high to nurse.   The smaller ones we put on a tub under the cow.   After about a week of nursing like that then we start dropping then over the fence 4 at a time and they attack mama.   Then when their little tummies look like they will pop we remove them from the cow into the full pen. 

To feed 29 babies on two cows with 3-4 of us doing it takes about 30-40 minutes.   Not bad!   Some days I am blessed with lots of extra help in the form of smaller children.   Still takes the same 30-40 minutes, just lots of training going on in "helping"   Once helping is done then it is play time.  This is some pictures I took of 4 yo playing after the babies were full. 

 I love the smile on his face.  He really looks to be in heaven!

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