Monday, March 5, 2012

Roping Fiesta!

It all started when I suggested that grandson get the milk pen calves in the pen.  For those that don't know this type calf knows where to go and isn't wild, but won't do what you want well.   I suggested maybe taking the rope to help get them going that way.   Then I called mommy and told her to bring the camera.  I was feeding baby goats on the cow. 

First calf he went to work on was the bigger one.  Calf didn't do what he wanted.  Calf even went through his loop once.  Finally calf was penned without being roped.  This was a good thing! 

Then he was off to get the next calf.  This one is younger and smaller, much better roping material for a 4 yo.  

 After several laps around the pen....
 Then a few more...
 Success!!!!  He got her caught! 

Calf put in the pen!   He did suffer some rope burns on his hands from it.  He was totally proud of himself for doing it.   It was a very successful adventure for him.

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~Tammy~ said...

Hooray for Ty! Thanks for posting!