Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life and Barn Life

Life has been interesting.  Thur. we came home to discover the two dogs that stay in the yard out.  Three dead sheep and dogs 'playing" with others.   Thankfully my DIL came home earlier and she put a stop to it and called me.  I was broken hearted.  I really do love my pets.  I also knew that they had made the decision for me on getting rid of them.  They went to the pound the next morning.  We only have 3 dogs, for us that is amazing.  My goal is to keep it that way. 

But, God provides distractions!  He knew my heart hurt.  A friend that has dairy goats called to see if I wanted to buy some billy kids.   :)  she had 12.   Kids and I talked it over and decided OK.  So on Friday we loaded up the bus with 5 kids and 4 grand kids and dil.   Think of the quiet ride home.  12 baby goats and 9 kids!  I felt so blessed!

Then it was time to teach the babies to eat!   They were use to being bottled or bucket fed.   I would rather cow feed.   They caught on fast.
Look close, they are LAYING on a tub to nurse.  They are not tall enough to nurse from the ground, but the tub is a tiny but tall.  They can stand, but hey that works!

 Yes, that is a lamb and a goat nursing.  The dogs managed to kill two ewes that had young lambs so we have two bottle babies from them, plus the one we have had a while.

Happy child!  When I showed this picture to granddad and mom and dad they all ask the same thing, "What was he in trouble for?"   They were right!  He wouldn't calm down was bouncing all over the barn.  Finally he was rolling his tub chasing a grown goat.  I put the tub to good use.  He didn't get yelled at again by anyone!
 This was before he got bucketed.  He wasn't sure about these very friendly little goats.  He got into the swing of it but for a minute he wasn't sure.
 Not really in the barn, but the hay barn a few days ago.  She was helping load hay in the ranger for stock.
Time to get off here and get sour dough biscuits made for Church! Have a very blessed day everyone!  

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I always enjoy your stories! Thanks for sharing!