Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Snap Shot of Life

I only have time to grab snap shots of life from my phone as I bounce from one thing to another.   We picked up 8 more today bringing the total to 29.   While we were picking up babies today, one goat had three, two had two and one was off to have hers.   Wonder how many we will pick up tomorrow?
This is my 11 yo learning to bottle feed babies.   He is doing good.  

We only bottle when we get new babies that need colostrum or when we run out of real milk.  This is babies on their new mama.  Really they have no clue who mama is.  We start with the smaller ones on the goats. When we run out of goat milk, we have 5 producing, we move to cows.  We have 2 cows that will allow this to happen.  

Here is new one and 11 yo working at bottle feeding.  They both are learning.  I am very impressed with how well new one does when shown how to do something. She is very caring.  I was impressed that the bus driver said he would be missing her on the bus as she such a helper.  She helps the littles get buckled and all.  She really has a servants heart.  I see her  doing something serving others as an adult.
This very pretty spotted billy kid has a new mama.  She lost her lamb and I decided she needed a baby.   MN decided on this baby.  She would really like to keep him as his color is so flash.  (She is my daughter.) But when you handle the males all time they loose their fear of humans and think they should be in their herd.  In simple English they get mean.  The one she has now is getting a little to pushy.   She is hoping that raising him on a ewe he will not be gentle.  I do think his breed, (Nubian), are just more gentle than many breeds.

 Meet Pumpkin!  No ears?   She has them she is a la macha.  My favorite milk goat breed. Many people don't like them because they look funny.  I love them as they adopt easy and are high production goats.   I knew as soon as I picked her up she was a keeper.  It is kind of hard to see how orange she is. 
 This picture is several days old the black and white one standing up is a sheep.  The rest are the first few days worth of goats.   We have over double this many now.  

This was the sight that greeted us this morning.   Yes, the goat is IN the cage, well halve way.  No, the goat can NOT get out.  She is stuck.  We had to move cages and re stack them after they got her out.  
Life is never dull!   Right now it is taking about an hour to feed babies with lots of hands.  Some even help and know what they are doing!  Some want to help and don't have a clue, some.... well they would like to be a pain and get ran out of the barn area.  Jumping jacks may improve that for those that want to not help. 

Add to that being gone from early, before 9 am until late, after 5 pm THREE days in a row and I am rounding myself up on the way back.   I do think next week will be much slower.  We should be able to focus on school and learning.   It will be fun having all my kids home.  I can really start teaching my new one. 


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