Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life in the fast lane...

 Life is busy.  The girls and I spent the weekend at the Heart of Motherhood Retreat.  We left Friday morning and had an awesome weekend.   This was our new one's first time to ever help with anything.   She did awesome.   I know she had to be overwhelmed at times. 

One of the awe moments was when I ask her, "So how does it feel being treated like a young adult?" 

She smiled this beautiful smile and said, "It's fun!  They let me handle glass."   What she was talking about was she was helping decorate and had been putting mason jars on tables and decorating them.  None of us gave it any thought as even the 6 year old helper was helping with glass.    For her it was huge.

Here are a few of the pic from retreat.  I was so busy I didn't get many.  Did want a few of our new one for her to scrap book. 


One neat thing we did at retreat was we had some paper hot air balloons that you light and they rise.   The wind made it not work to well, but the idea was to write things that you wanted to give to God on them and then let them float away.   New on did one. 

In other news we are still waiting on the waiver to home school. She is going to PS for now.  It is much harder on me than her as it is all she knows.   It has went OK.  I do know God's hand is in it as the lady that picks her up of a morning is a Christian.  Tomorrow they move her to a different school with a longer bus ride.  Please pray that God meets her there also.
In other news life around here is flowing.   Kids are all doing well.  We will end our school year at the end of Feb.  We are about to start a new season of  bottle babies.  We will be buying all of a friends baby dairy goats this spring.  They are due to start kidding this weekend.  So it may get interesting.  There could be near 100 before the season is over.   Should make for an interesting spring. 
We need rain!  Please pray that we start getting spring showers to make the grass grow.  We are terribly dry.   We need rain for our pastures, but also for our lakes and our underground water supplies.

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