Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exciting News.... Busy Day

Today was town day.  We got a late start and had lots of stops.  I did get a wonderful phone call from our CPS case worker.  The waiver went through! Yea!  But that did put my mind in high gear.  As strange as it sounds two of the hoops we have to jump through were to get her eyes and hearing checked.  I already had an eye exam scheduled, but it was later than the time they said.  So I called and they could get her in at 4:30 today.  I also found a place to do the hearing tomorrow, so back to town :P  

Once I picked her up off the bus I scampered to the next town to get her eyes checked, I had 40 minutes to get there.  Made it!  She got a good eye report.  Her glasses are very very mild and so if she doesn't want to wear them, she doesn't have to.  :)  She was excited.

Then we swung by my friend that we are buying baby goats off of. We picked up SEVEN more.  That brings out total to 21.  Add two lambs, one a triplet and one a lamb we had to pull and mom went eww no!  

Once home just as the sun sank behind the hills we unloaded babies, groceries and scattered to get hay out and babies fed.  Of course there were issues.  We had nannies where they didn't belong, meaning no milk from one Nanny.  Another ewe having trouble lambing.  With lots of  work we pulled a dead lamb.  We brought her to the house and I am hoping she will be OK. I am also thinking she needs some babies.... maybe a goat or two.  We finally got critters done at 8 pm.   Then we had to feed the two legged critters  kids.  So here it is 9 pm and supper is done.  I am tired!   Oh in the morning we will have 23 babies to feed :)   Should be interesting.  Then we will pick up again on Sat. if she has more babies born.  

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