Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Randomness and keeping 14 yo boys busy...

This morning it was cool here with a nice north wind.  I discovered my peafowl taking up the barn gates.  Soaking up the sun out of the wind.  I knew there was a reason I liked those silly birds!  After my own heart!
Yesterday I was headed into the school room and quickly stopped to snap this picture.  Be sure and look at the mismatched boots.  One belongs to her sister.   She was after a book.   As you can see mean Granola keeps all the kid books on high shelves!  

I have a 14 yo that seems to stay in need of something to do.  I suggested he go get a load of wood the other day.  I didn't get a picture before he unloaded the trailer that he was towing behind the ranger.

This morning I ask him to do me a favor.  I wanted to put my button quail in this big cage, but I don't trust that they couldn't squeeze through.  So I ask him to cover it with some plastic netting we have stored away from I don't even remember what.   It's hard to see the net, which shows just what an awesome job he did on it! 

Yesterday he came in and announced that he had put the extra lights that dad had bought for the ranger on.   They are not where I would have put them, but they are attached, cords ran and switch installed!  They even work! 
I have suggested to dad that he give him a list and have him do things for him.  Today he did have a list, but mom's list trumps dads or big brother's!  Dad ask him to roll up some old fence, while big brother ask for a load of fire wood.    I think he is off doing one or the other now.  Not sure, maybe both!

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