Monday, July 13, 2009

We're Home.............

First stop was the Sandhills State Park.

Sand! Lots of sand! BIG Sand box!
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the sandhills. This is sunset the evening we go there. It was 103 when we started setting up camp. Yet there was a breeze and as soon as camp was set up we went for a walk.

What I found amazing was the desert is so alive with flower

The desert was filled with tracks. Even the dropped flower left tracks in the sand as it blew. I had thought these marks were left by bugs until I watched the wind blow this flower across the sand leaving a trail in the sand.
Yes that really is an acorn! Might oak trees grow in the desert. They just get about 2 ft tall with root systems 70 feet across! They stabilize the sand and allow other things to grow.

The roots of this plant are exposed as the sand has blown and shifted away from it.

We left the sandhills about noon and headed for cooler climates. The highs were only about 90 in the mountains and everyone was fussing it was extremely hot there.

Views from the Mountains are amazing. At times you can see mountains 100 miles away and in a different country, (Mexico.) The white spot that looks like a lake is a HUGE hydroponic greenhouse complex. To give you an idea of how far away, there is a main hwy running beside it that you can't even see.
This view is from the McDonald's Observatory Mountain. It has the highest elevation state maintained road in TX. The dome you see isn't the main telescope, but one of the lesser ones. They have 3 BIG ones on two Mountains with several this size scattered around.

Sunday night we had "visitors" come through the camp ground. I missed the picture of the baby. There were 8-10 of them.

There were also other critters around camp.

Each morning I would go for a hike. This is my turn around point on Monday. If you look close you can see campers in the bottom, near the back mountain. Ours was around the bend and out of site. It was a great walk/climb.

I enjoyed taking pictures of mainly flowers as I hiked.

We made a drive and found these "sheep" on the drive.

This Spanish Dagger is HUGE!

This was at the fort in Fort Davis.

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Wow.Amazing!! Love the pictures! I just now got on here to check. Long day.....Lisa