Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun wonderful weekend.....

Sat. we woke up to rain. In W. Texas no matter what is planned you don't fuss about rain. You just praise God for each drop and enjoy. After a few hours and about an inch of rain it went away so we could start our day. The day was planned to be a morning of pouring a cement slap for the bay windows at the garage.

After they made the form the fun began. First they started mixing one bag at a time in the wheelbarrow. Then they had a brain storm....

The bucket on the skid loader! This allowed them to mix 3 sacks there and 1 in the wheelbarrow.

I got the fun job of driving the skid loader. I had to follow them directing me as we dumped it. Part of the time DH would be giving one direction and DS another.

I managed to do it without ever touching the stakes holding the forms in place!

Even MJ got into the act in helping back it and stir it down.

Time to level! Dh has that job! We were quite happy, it only had cat tracks and peafowl tracks once! He managed to work them out before it set up.

Then this morning we were woke with lots of lightening and thunder early, before 6. I got up to check radar. Dh followed to put saws and such he had left under the car port up. I let DIL know that we were going to get rain and could get some 50 mph winds. She elected to come over as soon as grandson woke up. We were still putting stuff up outside. Once we got it all battened down the rain came, and came and came. It was wonderful! We all set on the porch and watched it rain for over an hour. Even grandson loved it. He sat in one lap and another and talked about the rain. The lightening and thunder were up close and personal at times. We laughed at what a W. Texas boy he is. How many 2 yo's would just set and cuddle and watch it rain for over an hour? He could get down, but didn't want to. He would just trade laps along.

We ended up with about 2 inches of rain this morning.

This is our middle pond. The dam is about center of the picture with water going around and down to the next pond. This pond is deep, about 2o ft deep. It may have had some mud in the bottom, but was dry.

Same pond different angle.

Again same pond, this shows more the size. It filled today! We got LOTS of rain!
Water gap on the back side. It will need to be fixed when the water runs down where we can.

This is our "road" to the back corner where the water gap is. I didn't try to cross it. It looks sorta full of trash. I will take the skid loader and clean it once it dries out.

Since we had so much rain we decided to stay home today from church and let our road rest. Maybe it won't cut ruts to bad if we allow it to soak in before we drive on it. Son has to go out this afternoon, but maybe it will have soaked in. It rained so hard I'm not sure if it will have washed the silt off the road leaving it hard packed or washed it on and made it even more tough to navigate.
While all this was going on I managed to pull off an awesome cobbler with the girls help. I made the crust they washed the black berries and strawberries and added them to the pan. Then they rolled out the crust. It was awesome! I really think I have a new favorite flavor cobbler! Black berry/strawberry. I had made one for church. I will just stick it in the freezer maybe next week end we will take it.
I also made some crock pot chicken that I really wish I had the recipe for. I did the layer and put and mmmm it is good! I took chicken breast added red potatoes and tomatoes. Then more of each until the crock pot was running over. I took two cans of green chili enchilada sauce added tomatoes and blended. I pour it over the chicken, filling the crock pot to over full. I cooked it all night. I had more sauce than room. This morning I took the rest of the sauce added flour blended it and made a gravy out of it. It really had a nasty color, but oh well. I put the chicken stuff in a bigger pan an poured the gravy on it. I oven cooked it a while. Cut the oven off and left it a while since we weren't going to church. Wow! It is amazing! I hope I can re create it.
While that cooked in the oven I chopped a bunch of onions and peppers from the garden, added rice and fried it in palm oil. Then filled it with water and let it cook. I poured the chicken stuff over it for lunch. To bad church missed out it was so yummy! I hope I can fix it again even close to the same.


Woodleys said...

We're jealous! We only got 1/2 inch. Great job on the concrete though. Your DH should be careful letting you drive it so much. He might never get it back when he's all healed up.

We missed you guys at church. God bless.

Julie said...

We're jealous too. We got about 60 points, though we're enjoying every bit of it. Hope the recreation of your meal works out, sounds super yummy. Missed you all. See you next week.