Monday, September 20, 2010

Home........ no pictures ..........yet

We got home late yesterday evening.  Today has been busy with laundry and unpacking and cleaning.   We still aren't full cleaned and put away.  Maybe by tomorrow evening.  I did give the kids a day off from book school to do unpacking school. 

We had an awesome time!   Loved it all but as always Mora was our favorite.  We are already talking about next year just going up there for a week.   They are planning on having sewer in the campground so that will allow us to do it without breaking camp and going to the dump station.  I can't recommend this camp ground enough:  It is under new ownership.  The new owners are Christians and even have an awesome praise and worship time on Friday night.   To make it even better they have 9 children, 5 still at home and home school!   They have 3 about the same ages as some of mine.  Our kids hit it off like old friends.   Kids spent the evenings playing tag and hide and seek in the dark.  We would drag them in kicking and screaming when the other RV's looked like they were turning in for the night.  

My camera is still in the bus so I will upload pictures when I get around to getting it out and find time and desire to do it.  I just haven't been in a blogging or really computer mood.  I have some really good books I am reading.   I think I have 5 books all on the same topic by several different authors going right now.   I have been known to immerse myself when I find a topic I really like. 

My Dh wants to plan on going back in June or July next year.  Kids said fine as long as we can do Sept. too.  He wants to go when the bears are down in the valley (campground), instead of up in the higher mountains. Personally I could care less about seeing bears IN the campground!  

We were bummed in the fact we didn't see any elk or buffalo this trip.  The two D's had never saw either.  We did see some in the zoo in Carlsbad.  That just isn't the same as seeing them in the wild though!  We did see lots of pronghorns and one coyote.  

I broke the nose piece off my glasses the first or second day of the trip.  Ever wear glasses with ONE nose piece?  I sent them in with DH today to see if my glasses guy can fix them.  I pray he can!  I do not want to buy new frames!  I don't like change!   I am making do with reading glasses and nothing for distance.  I know I am squinting some but doing good over all.

Over all it was hot for this time of year in Mora.  Days were warm enough to sweat. Nights were down about 45!  It is nice when you have to shut up the camper and freeze if you forget to turn the heat on.   Of a morning it would warm up as soon as the sun came over the mountain. 

Fishing was great!  Or so I was told!  They caught enough to eat!  I am just glad it was warm enough to fry them OUTSIDE the camper.   They smelled like fish!   MN said they were good if you put enough ketchup on them. 

We spent one afternoon at my favorite place, Morphy Lake!  It was awesome!  So beautiful! So peaceful!  I did take a picture and email it to some people on my phone.   I really could have spent the whole day there or the whole vacation!   It has camping but, not for LONG campers.  I think 18 ft is the  max length.   It also has no hook ups, it is pack in and pack out.  They didn't catch any fish there either.  The chipmunks weren't very active.  I didn't find any that wanted my crackers.  I had brought crackers just for them.  MN said that that was all they were good for.  I liked them!

Seems washer is beeping at me again so off to change it one more time.  I think then I just have bedding from the camper.  

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