Friday, September 3, 2010

Where Would You Be........

There is a song with those lyrics.  The other morning as I got up I was thinking of that as it applies to my life.  Where would we be today if we had did what people told us and 5 years ago had an empty nest?  Five years of not dealing with kids or kid issues, or adoption issues or abuse issues.  As I thought about how blessed our life is having loved these kids.   Not how "blessed" they are to have been adopted, but how they have enriched our life.  I just wonder how many blessings are missed because we go with what others suggest. 

I really can't imagine life without them. I can't imagine 5 years of no kids!   It is just so beyond my ability to think.   How empty would our life be?  I am so very thankful that God called us to adopt!  I can't even begin to describe how blessed I feel to be allowed to parent these kids.   It isn't easy!  We spend lots of time battling one issue or another, but I do know I am a better person for parenting these kids.

I look at the past 5 years and 6 adopted kids.  Even the heart aches and tears has been times of growth and maturity for us.   I know my walk with God is stronger.  I know that my believe in His healing is stronger.  I have saw Him do many, MANY amazing healing things in these hurt children.   Even when things don't work out the way "I" plan I can still say no regrets.  I would do it over again!  I have done what God called me to.  I have sowed seeds where He placed ground for me to sow.  In time He will bring in the harvest.  Not my job!  

As I watch as God turn our home upside down and the dynamics change much like bringing a new child into our home.  MN has become a new child.   The dynamics have made it interesting around here.  While she is still working to understand why and what God is doing in her.  Her spirit has been transformed in ways that no human could do.  Instead of being the ring leader of confusion and chaos she is a peace maker.  She stops the fights, the picking on others.  It is interesting and amazing.  I marvel at God's amazing grace and love I see being manifest in her.  I see the power of prayer more and more all time. 

As I start my day I just want to leave you with one thought/question, "Where will you be ........" Don't listen to the world!  Walk the walk that God is whispering in your heart, not the walk the world is telling you to do.  You will be better for it!  Those around you will be better for it.  You will change lives and change the direction of History!   Just do it!   Just step out in Faith and tell God you ARE willing! 

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RZ said...

not only "Where would you be" but more importantly, "Where would they be" Your lives are better, but theirs are WAAAAAAAAAY better.