Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"I can't wait until Friday" is the theme song around here!   Friday we leave for vacation.   We have reservations the first night in Roswell.  Hope the UFO's don't get us!    We moved the camper to a friends house Monday evening since we were suppose to get 2-5 inches of rain.   Instead we got POINT 2- POINT 5 inches of rain!!!!  It still would have been muddy leaving.  It does make last minute packing harder.   In moving it DH discovered the 7-point light plug was messed up so he took it on into town today.  He will leave it there until Friday.   I will finish buying the last minute stuff tomorrow and fill it and an ice chest.  IF it doesn't fit in the frig.  

MN has requested we eat and Smoky Bear Restaurant in Capitan NM the first morning out.  So we will have to get moving to get there to have strawberry pancakes!   She raves about them!    From there most meals will be in the RV.  We will eat a few meals out just to enjoy NM food.  I do plan on a bringing home a few cases of roasted green chilies.  I may buy some gloves and peel and freeze some during the trip instead of waiting for the last day.   :)  

Each child that has been has a favorite place or thing.  They are all different.   It is interesting listening to them tell the 2 new ones what they like.  The new two are starting to get excited but still not sure about all this.   They have never done things like this.  

Other news MN changed her blog name.  Instead of "My Daughters Poems" it is now A Servant's Blog.  She came up with this as she says she is now Christ servant and wants to change lives with her blog.   I sit and watch her blog and read her blog with wonder and amazement.  Her message is very powerful and very strong.  It does not reflect the thinking of most 12 year olds.  If you read it and like what she has to say please let her know.  If you disagree, be gentle she is only 12.

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