Friday, September 24, 2010

How Trainning pays off.........

I start with a stomach bug in the night, night before last.   I was a sick puppy, which I am seldom.   Kids got up, I didn't, except to run to the bathroom.  I finally got to sleep about 9:30 AM and slept until 1.   I had heard NO fussing or fighting.   When I got up I did check D8 for duct tape residue or other means of keeping him quite.   I didn't find any!   This is the child that even a few months ago if I left the room would scream and yell at someone. 

I sat around a bit took a shower and crawled on the couch.  I had two others by this time not feeling well.  D11 had started about getting up time.  He was holding one couch down, but not feeling to rough as he would talk and play off and on.  D8 had said after I got up a bit his tummy didn't feel good. He just made it to an ice cream bucket before loosing it.  I praised God he got to the bucket!   He spent the afternoon sleeping and holding the couch down off and on with D11.   Maybe this was part of why he wasn't to loud yesterday morning it was coming. 

Mean while the kids did chores without me.  On one of my runs I was informed that T was "baby sitting" D11, D8 and I while the other two did chores. :)   The even managed to milk the cow!   I had been teaching MJ how.  He is strong enough to handle the milker with lots of milk.  I am glad I had taught him.  I don't really know that I could have done it yesterday.  I would have just let her wait.

I did laugh at MN. She told me it was a lot harder with me not helping.  She said it was hard with me not telling them what all needs to be done and all.  :)  She was very serious as she said that. 

Then even managed to get the supper dishes done.  I did ask them to do that. When I had went for  ice water the supper smell which was yummy when I ate it wasn't!    I didn't bother to tell MJ I wasn't going to let him cook again, since he cooked supper.  He would very much leap at that idea!   He had an awesome supper, Steak, mash potatoes, and corn.  It was good!

Today we are all much improved and ready for the day!

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