Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Day... Tuesday....

Our day starts with feeding babies.  I now have three on this sweet cow.   She is doing really good with
them.  One of them has really mastered jumping up on the bucket and finding dinner.   The newest one is the slowest.  She is younger by about a week.  She will figure it out pretty soon. I know that they are getting full since they grunt when I go to pick them up to put them back in their pen. 

 Home school 101.   Today they worked on the septic system.  The boys learned a lot.  MJ assures me he doesn't know what he wants to be but he knows it isn't a plumber!  MJ and D11 both got to be plumbers assistant today.  That requires a lot of shovel work and yucky work.  

Good news is it is all done correctly now and not done less than correct, which is the story of everything we replace.   The sewer hasn't been touched in over 15 years.  We have been blessed.   I pray since it is done right that it is many many more years than 15 before anything else needs doing. 

Boys did do lots of helping.  They toted and dug and leaned on shovels and threw dirt clods at each other.  

Tomorrow we get to do fence building 101.  Two fences had to be taken down to work on the sewer.  Tomorrow we will need to get them fixed back.  The question is will I put them back where they were or will I move them?  

I will have grandson tomorrow so not sure how much we will get done.  I know if it is warm he will have a blast playing in the dirt where the skid steerer powdered it.    Mommy may not like me.  Oh well he does wash well!   :)  I know he must, he is always clean and fresh when I get him.  He is seldom clean and fresh when she gets him back. 

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Crystal said...

You are right about him being easy to clean!! :) That is how I can judge how much fun he has had!