Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Edited...

God blessed us with a beautiful sunrise this morning.  I wonder if my DIL had to stop driving and take some pictures as she was heading toward the rising sun.   I just snapped 2 photos,  for me pretty good.

We have been having toilet problems.  This afternoon dh brought in the big guns to dig.  I am not sure what is going on.  He is hunting the septic tank.  We have never had a problem with it so in almost 15 years never knew where it was.   I sorta know where the field lines are... sorta.  

He is following the line, but the line was heading downward and getting deeper so he decided to use a bigger shovel.   For now using the downstairs bathroom is not recommended. Update on that issue it is "usable" but not much so until Tue. 

Oh one more shining thing today.  I had a ewe get horned yesterday by a cow.  We tried to save her, but :( she did make it.  So we had two bottle baby lambs to add to the "to do" list twice a day.   MN feed them off the milk goat she has a bottle baby goat on this morning.  I told her to separate Buckets from the calf in the back this morning.  This evening we brought her in and tossed a bucket under her for a stand.  It took maybe 10 seconds for lambs to figure out where the milk comes from.   Beyond that it was just keeping them balanced on the bucket. 

Life is never dull!!!  Life is never "normal"!

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