Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Stooges

I may never get to keep grand children again.   Then again my DIL may never get to keep her younger brothers again.   Seems one of the twins thought he would shock me if he suggested going swimming.  LOL little did he know!   He wanted to know how much I would pay him to jump in the pool.  I laughed and assured him not one cent as it happens around here often.  If he wanted to go swimming, he knew where the pool was.   After much (3 minutes) consideration the twins borrowed my thermometer and checked water temp., 56, ( I think.)  Wind chill was 63 or so and outside temp was low 70s.  They decided to go for it.   Then they started seeking other like minded people.   Grandson was game, but didn't have shorts, we supplied some.  Grand daughter was considering it, but she has been sick so mean Granola said nope.   I had one dd who was more than happy to provide shorts and such, but she has issues with the pool being cold in July, she wasn't going near it.  The other one has had a cough and didn't feel it was in her best interest.  So off these three boys went to "swim".   Seems swimming was a lot more like jump in jump out warm up dare each other to do it again.   I think the twins jumped three times and grand son only twice.  I recorded it for them, after all three had gotten wet, then came back in and let them be boys, (cold boys.)

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