Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rambling for the week of Christmas

Life has been busy and not busy all at the same time.   I kept grandson a couple of days last week.  I snapped this picture as he was NOT climbing up on the stool.  I'm sure you can tell by his look he is doing nothing he shouldn't.  
I also have been DEEPLY involved in a great book.  It has enough action, starting near the end of WWII, that even MJ has ask to read it.  MN is next in line.  If she finishes it tonight she will sleep all day tomorrow.  It isn't a quick read, with just over 600 pages.   The title is:  Living a Life of Fire - Reinhard Bonnke - An Autobiography .  I finally finished it this afternoon.  It is one of those that leaves you wanting more.  Not sure if you want to start another book or just soak in thinking of what you just read and what this one man has done for Jesus. 

While I was finishing up reading, MN started baking.  We have been gifted with a local food bank willing to allow us to help.  They are handing out food on Thur.  Our church family is being allowed to help hand out food baskets.   We offered and were allowed to make goody bags to go with them.   MN is baking cookies. 

LOTS of cookies!   She is talking about baking some no-bake cookies to go with these cookies.  These are her favorite and really taste awesome.  They start with a basic oatmeal cookie recipe off the oatmeal box.  Then she adds several unmeasured large spoons of peanut butter.  Then she finishes it off with a generous supply of chocolate chips. 

T is talking about baking either carrot or banana bread for them tomorrow.  It is nice to see them baking while we don't get to eat all the goodies.  

Thursday we will meet with friends and decorate goodie bags and fill them for handing out.   Kids are so excited!   It will be a fun!  

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