Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog for the week or two :) 7-25

Lots of pictures of life.   I have a new carpet!   I bought it last weekend at the flea market.  For those that know our house I have NO carpet.   It collects way to much dirt.  This one is special.   See: 

It is the new hit of the house.  It gets moved from the living room to the garage, depending on where I am working and what kids are playing on it.  

Two littles talking or feeding the bunny.  The rabbit is really sweet and is so good about taking food from fingers and not fingers.   They all love to share apples or apple cores are peelings with her.

Yes, they are all ours!   We went to a birthday party on Thursday.  I was watching almost all of my grandkids that day.  Only one missing was 14 yo.   We joined three other families for lunch.   Total count, 4 adults, 17 kids 15 and under.  

No drinks were spilled, no fights happened.   Kids had fun visiting and chatting with friends and watching over younger siblings and nieces and nephews.   Before we had lunch I had already taken my 9 to Walmart to get stuff to make a quilt, and pick up a few things we needed.   Once lunch was over we had a quiet ride home as all the littles and half the bigger ones napped all the way home.

 Dirty children!   The pictures don't really do them justice.  We had a birthday party for 4 yo grand son yesterday.  Then they went swimming, then they played in the dirt.   The pictures loaded backward so you get to see them backward.   Here is the end results of kids mixed with dirt and water.

No, this really isn't the birthday boy.  Just his uncle.  
 Here is the birthday boy!  Can you tell he just woke up from a nap?   He had ask his mommy for an apple cobbler for his birthday.  Then yesterday morning he ask for a peach cobbler.  So he got a half and half cobbler.
 Doesn't she look thrilled with her hat?  She later got to playing with the on her terms and had fun with it.
 Party fun!

 Daddy helping serve ice cream to all the waiting mouths.
 See the young lady in the back ground she didn't do it!  You can look at her brother and tell she didn't do it.  I don't know what she was doing, but she jumped back and looked guilty about the time I got the picture.
 D9 cutting his own brisket up.  He would like to be babied and not do for himself.  I finally decided if he wanted meat he could cut it up.  He has done quite well at learning to cut his own meat up since then.  

Guess that is a recap of happenings around here.  Life is busy and we don't seem to spend much time on the 'puter or around the camera. 

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~Tammy~ said...

Thanks for posting! I can't believe how mature all the kids are looking, especially M(son) and Ty'ger. Heard B&S got new waterworks yesterday!