Friday, July 29, 2011

What I have been doing...... instead of surfing...

I am making a rag blue jean quilt.  I have a collection of jeans.   I drug them out and started cutting.
 I am lining it with flannel so I also had to cut lots of flannel.  I just bought a yard of all the different pieces of flannel I could find at Walmart.

This is my stack of cut ready to sew up pieces.   I am planning on 10 rows down, and 10 across, the pieces are about 8x11.  It will be big and heavy and I hope warm.

 Not much left when I get through with jeans.   This is my stack of scraps.  I could salvage some for smaller pieces, but not a lot.
 I now have 6 rows sewn into strips.  This is the flannel side.
 The denim side doesn't look as pretty as this side will "rag" once it is finished and then look neat. ( I hope).  Google rag denim quilts on line for pictures of what I hope happens.  
Yes, that is the pants pocket.  I sewed it shut, but thought it added character to my quilt.  I have several back pockets also.

This morning while I was sewing the girls went to produce, while D9 is behind on school and having to work.  Leaving D12 as an "only" child.  MJ is working with older son.  D12 was busy playing on the carpet beside my sewing machine as we listened to Bible teachings and I sewed.  I looked up to discover him sacked out.   I love how peaceful he looks.

I need to do the 4 more rows then I am going to tack on 1/2 a square to the top of 1/2 of the rows and the bottom of the other half.  That way I will have them staggered on my quilt and won't need to match seams.  I know they wouldn't line up well for me. 

Once it is sewn together then the tough part happens, you have to snip all the seems back as close to the seam as you can so it can ravel faster.  They say that is LOTS of work.   I am also not sure how I will bind the edge.  I need to research how others have done it.  

So if you don't see me on line much you know I am busy doing my quilt. 

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