Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week in Review June 29Th-July 4Th!

I look at some of the accomplishments that I caught on camera this week and smile.  Maybe accomplishments isn't the right word.  More like our life in pictures.  

Yes, this child is "caged".  He begged and begged to be put in a cage.   See the pillow under his head?
 The cage is two produce crates.  He wasn't happy when I pulled it off to take his picture!   I wasn't sure he wasn't going to nap in there.   If he had gotten still very long he would have.   Might not have been a comfortable nap.
Oh the face!  He is in trouble and daddy had him sitting.  I missed the elbows on his knees hands on his face.   
 Sunday afternoon DH started a new project.  T was excited to watch him weld. 
 Dh welding supports for the new cat walk along the top of the sea container.  That way we can access the storage area up there without a ladder or the bobcat. 
 This is the cat walk.  It pays to "collect" stuff you may never need.  I don't even remember why we got it but it is the cat walk and ladder off of a tank battery.  It has sat unused for many years.  
 More pictures of preparation. 

 In the mix of this my son ask me Friday if I wanted a baby calf.  That really was a DUMB question.  Sure!  So we have this nice longhorn mix bull calf now.  He is doing great.  The cow hasn't decided he belongs to her yet, so we are keeping him penned.

More work on the cat walk.  Grinding the pieces to weld them.   This was all new to D12.  MJ has helped a tiny bit before. 

 This morning was take back our house day.  The books in the book case has gotten really messed up.  I decided D9 could straighten them.  He needed to learn how.  He did a half hearted job and was "done".  I took a chair and sat down in front of the book case and guided him through doing it right.  I did a good job then.

 While we were taking back our house the two littles were busy playing out side.  I thought this was just to cute not to include.  
 Dh and the boys finished the cat walk yesterday afternoon.  I think they did a super job.  It will be nice to access the canning jars and what ever else gets stuffed up there. 
In other news I have been on a tech spree that hasn't worked out so well.   MN has a computer that has to be replaced before she starts the next grade.  Her good one she broke a while ago.  She was mad.  She had to take a lot of her hard earned $$$ to buy a new very used one.  At this point it needs a lot of help.  Space bar doesn't work and some other things, but she is stuck making do with it until her school for this year is done.  It should be done this week.   Instead of buying her a new one, I decided to buy me a new one and let her have mine.  There are several things about mine I dislike.  One is the size.  It is to big for portability.  The volume control is on the front and I can cut the sound off faster than fast just shifting it in my lap.  Neither of these things will effect her using it.  

I spent several days researching what I wanted.  Went to Best Buy and got it.  I discovered that it had some "issues".  I took it back they kept it three days then called telling me that they would replace it.   I was bummed but it happens.  We drove in Sat. to get the replacement.   They then tell me, "Oh we don't have this one in stock you can choose another similar one or we may can order the same kind."  I was less than happy.   I ended up getting my $$ back and going back to researching.  I think I still want that kind.  I am not sure I will get it at Best Buy.  

I also decided that a new router might help speed and staying connected here.  So I ordered one off Amazon.  It was easy to set up and worked wonderful as long as you were 5 feet or less from it.  Did I mention it was an extended range router?   After a long time chatting with India er tech support it was determined that it was defective.  So I ordered a different brand.  It worked great, for about 24 hours then wouldn't connect any wireless devices.   After visiting with India again we got it up and running.  The next day the power blinked, a common occurance here.  The router was again not letting wireless surf.   After another phone call to India.  I was assured, "No worry, It won't do it again."   Hummm .... nothing changed, but we again reset the IP address, which was what we had done the day before.    She assured me her supervisor said it won't happen again.   Looks like I will be sending this router back to Amazon also.  Wonder if they have a limit on returns?   This is only the 3 return I think in years of shopping.  

In my research and looking I do think I am going to buy a router that has the ability to have an external antenna that I mount outside.   I have the coax already ran from the back of the computer to the roof. I should (maybe) be able to attach an antenna there and maybe my DIL can even have internet at her house.  

We started making vacation plans last night only to put them on hold.  We found out many of the parks in New Mexico or closed and may or may not reopen this summer because of the wildfire danger.   The parks that we like to go to, including Morphy Lake.  We can't decide what we want to do.   We could drive further and go into CO where the drought isn't as bad.  We could go somewhere else, but where?  TX is just as dry.  There is no water to play in.  So we decided to wait about a month and do more praying for rain, for us and New Mexico, really the whole south and southwest.  None of us have any desire to go East.  So we will wait and see what happens.  

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