Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slow Week... for Pictures anyway..Ranch Rodeo

The only noteworthy thing we did that I can think of and got pictures of is on Sat. we went to a Ranch Rodeo.  I was the only one that had ever been to one.  It was an all day even.  It was a thank you and fund raiser for all the Vol. Fire Dept. that have fought so many fires this year.   Their funds have been exhausted and the year is only 1/2 over.  

Ranch Rodeo is very different from traditional rodeo.   They have teams of 4 cowboys.   The events are different too.   This was the introduction:
First event was wild cow milking.  This is wild.  They turn a wild cow, think roping steers mama, out and turn 4 cowboys loose with a beer bottle.  The object is to get milk in the bottle then run to a circle in the shortest amount of time.   Their has to be enough milk to pour out of the bottle. 

 D9 really enjoyed the rodeo.  He did amazingly well with not asking for stuff or the bathroom.  After lunch he did crash.
Some of the pictures are blury, iphone and distance don't do well.  Add me moving and well sorry.  
This was goat roping.  Again 4 cowboys, 2 billy goats.  They had to rope and tie it like they do calves in the regular rodeo.  The differance is that calves are easy comparied with big goats, and there are 2 of them that have to stay tied for 6 seconds.  

 The last event was the wild horse race.  They didn't have wild horses, but one of the horses they had used all day.  They take the saddle and bridle off and put a halter on and then one cowboy takes the horse to one end of the arena, while another one with the saddle waits, you have all the horses on one end all the saddles on the other.  They say go and the race is on, they have to take the saddle to the horse, with a buch of wild cowboys trying to spook all the other horses.   They have to saddle and ride to the other end, unsaddle and get in the circle first.   :)   There were many wrecks.  
I didn't get pictures of the cow calf penning or the steer roping.  Both were fun but hard to get pictures that explained it at all. 

Other than that it was a beat the heat type week of hiding inside most of the time.  Please pray for our heat to break and for rain to come to a large section of the south and southwest.  

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a blast to watch. I need to find one of those somewhere to see.