Saturday, February 18, 2012


Blogging just hasn't been happening.   Not sure why other than life has!  I just can't seem to find time to gather my thoughts and type about it. 

Some of the things that have been going on that I have missed.  Both my heifers have calved.  December calved in January, and January calved in Feb.  December had trouble and we had to pull her calf.  It wasn't fun!   Then we went to the dairy and bought 3 more to go on her.   Next afternoon one of them was dead.   All looked good as I went off to retreat.  I came home and we had lost one more of them and her calf.   So we are back to one calf on her, that she doesn't like.  That means she has to be milked twice a day besides making her let the calf nurse.   Why you ask did the calves die?  Scours!   Dairies are famous for having them.  This seemed to be a very strong strain that hit fast and wiped them out quick.  I was watching for signs of problems.  

I haven't bought any more calves, but we really need some for both heifers and also for some of my other cows that have big calves on them.  For now we are bringing in about 3-5 gallons of milk a day.   I am sharing it and using it.  

Other sad news is my old dog died.  RC has been here since he was about 5 weeks old.  My son gave him to me to "watch" since he was afraid he was developing parvo and needed tlc which son didn't have time to do and work.   That was about 11 years ago.   He got named RC because he quickly became my shadow, like the soda commercial "Me and my RC".   He didn't suffer.  He chased sheep for me that morning was sick acting that evening and dead the next morning.  That was a much better way if he had to go.  

Other news is we are blessedly wet!   I took grandson to the hwy for mommy yesterday evening and it was muddy, road was HORRIBLE.  It started raining about 9 and rained off and on all night.  Pond filled up over night so we did get some run off. I don't even want to think about chores or worse yet a trip to the hwy!   We had planned on a flea market trip, but instead will just stay home.  I do have an appointment to keep grandkids this evening, so someone (DH) will make the trek to the hwy to get them.  

Tomorrow we are off to Cowboy Church and then the Rodeo.  This is one of our traditions!  Kids can't wait all year for rodeo.  We are all going to Cowboy church, all being our whole Church family.   This is something we have also been doing several years.  It is fun!

Sourdough!  a new friend from retreat shared some of her sourdough starter with several of us.  I fed it yesterday and plan on making a loaf today to see how it goes.  I am excited.  I have been reading lots of different recipes.   My friend gave me a loaf she had made.  It is great!  I hope mine is that good.  

On the kid front all is "normal" which for most families wouldn't be normal, but for us it works.   Have been dealing with some kid issues, nothing major.  So often you just wonder if the issues are adoption/abuse related or kid/teen related.   For some issues you parent the same, others you really need a different way of parenting. 

We would still like to adopt again.  I have inquired on several kids both in TX and in other states.  I did get a reply from NM that they need an updated homestudy.  This happened once before and we got the run around for over a year.  We had to be matched with a child to get our homestudy updated, we couldn't be matched with a child until our homestudy was updated.  Finally we started in Austin and worked our way down and wow the decided they could update ours.    I hope we don't have to do that again.   I really really am drawn to the two kids in NM.   Prayers that our homestudy can be updated quickly and painlessly are needed.  

Chore time has come, as I got up to go do chores the heavens opened and the rain came harder.  I postponed chores!  Then I looked at the radar, we will have a tiny window of not rain to get them done.  I should have been paying attention to the radar.  As soon as it lets up we are going to have to do it quick as there is a nice shower behind this one.    I may also throw in the towel and grab a coat and GO.   

Ok off to get wet and muddy and do lots of praising God for the wonderful mud and rain and water.   I love it!   All have a very blessed day!!!!

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