Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Table Talk

This morning we were fixing breakfast and visiting and eating.  Breakfast tends to be fixed in waves with everyone milling around in the kitchen doing their own thing.  Hot chocolate, eggs, toast, spaghetti were all on the menu.   Someone mentioned they had a tiny sore throat earlier so I suggested they be sure and tonic up.  She said she already had. 

We started talking about how blessed we are to be so healthy.  Every child had something to say about how much healthier now than where they lived before.  MN was talking about how many times she use to throw up.  Naming places, bus, car, school, at homes.... Others chimed in agreeing.  

MJ then said something interesting.  He said he use to have lots of headaches.   I never knew!  I gathered as he talked really bad headaches where he would be on the couch with a rag over his face.   Made me wonder more about diet or the fact he needed glasses so bad.   You know how you look at a child and the way the squint and such you wonder how anyone can't see that they need glassess?  That was MJ.  It was also D10!   I think really D10 had glasses in the past but he broke them and they weren't fixed or replaced.  I ask him he still gets headaches.  He said not very often and when he does a glass of water usually fixes it.  

We are also talking a lot about adoption.  Dh finally called our caseworker yesterday since she wouldn't return emails about updating our home study.  It has to be updated for NM to consider us for a child.  I am really drawn to two in NM.   So for 2 weeks we have been seeking a reply from our caseworker about updating.   Dh called her and got a tentative date to come out of either March 6 or 7.   He wanted to get  with me on which date was better.  I emailed her and said either day.  She emailed me back saying she was leaving the office and would get with me today.  Still waiting on an email today.   Prayers would be appreciated on this whole process. 

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LYH said...

I think caseworkers are our greatest trial and tribulation in life. Wishing you the best and you always have my prayers. We are all so blessed!