Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rain Pictures

I snapped these from the front porch as it is still raining. 

This is looking straight out see the tether ball pole and ball? Dump  truck is in the yard.

 See the boys boat?  they may need it.  They are talking about going boating in this.  I told them to go for it. I will take pictures if they do.  It is cold, about 48 degrees and still raining.   Wonder how long it will be fun?

 I think the rain gauge says about 1.5 inches.  

 Dh was working on moving the pond sludge so that when the pond was full it would drain that way instead of around the windmill.  He cut a channel. I saw a duck swimming in it a few minutes ago.   T just came by to tell me, "We have ducks swimming on what use to be dry land."  

I have already fussed at the boys for leaving the water filling the pool!   It was funny when I ask them who did it.   Took them only a short time to tell me the rain filled it to overflowing.

 For those that know our property, this is looking toward the middle pond.  I think it is full.  
 Goofy apple tree is still blooming even after temps being 24 degrees one morning.
That's all for now!  I will add more after it stops raining!  Or if the boys go "boating". I think they are coating up.  Yep they are!

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