Monday, February 20, 2012

Trip around the back side...

This is the "middle" tank, middle meaning middle of the property.  It is very deep, but seldom holes water long.  We have done some things hoping to get it to hold better.  Right now it is level full.  

OK I like drift wood! 

My running buddies.   Freckles usually has her head cocked sideways if she is listening. 

This is our new calf.  She is a week and one day old. 

 Redneck lawnmowers.  There are some patches of weeds that need to go.  So I had the back yard and pool pen filled with stock.  They may or may not graze it well.  Not sure if they like all the weeds when they are as big as these are.

 If you read Hank the Cowdog then you may know Mary D Cat.   This is our second black version of her.   She is love crazed.   She especially loves people who do NOT love her.  

 I really think my ewes and lambs are pretty.   These are some of the younger lambs.   They grow so fast.  I am thinking of pulling the big ones off and either selling or putting on feed to grow them faster to sell. 

That's all folks!    Life around here is just going along at a normal pace.  Hope everyone is having a blessed day.

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