Monday, April 2, 2012


Sand, Sand, SAND and more SAND..... It was awesome :) 

Instruction on how to wax a disc to slide.
First time on the sand for two of these!

Starting to get brave.

Sunrise on the dunes.

Yes, I was setting on TOP of a tall dune at sunrise Sat. Morning.   It was beautiful!   It was also tough work getting up there in the dark!   It was also COLD!.  It was very worth it!

Snap shot of some of my favorite pictures of this weekend, not near all of them, but some I especially liked. 

 I road a bike THREE miles to get this picture of this catcus isn't it pretty?  Three miles in 90 degree heat!

No these two didn't dig the hole alone, they had help.

 Nite time games seemed to be who could colaspe who's tent. 

More pictures are here:

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