Monday, April 30, 2012

Life goes on around here..

Life is busy!  Life is Blessed!   Life goes on around here with seldom time to really think a blog post through, much less type it out.  I will try and hit some of the highlights.

We seem to have acquired a new kitten.  My sweet grandson came wagging it over yesterday morning saying here he's hungry.  I would guess it is 3-4 weeks old.  It was under their trailer yelling.   He was right it was very hungry.  It is pretty.  It is a dark gray tabby with white socks and on his (I hope) face. 

I was the person this year that got the first rattlesnake.  It was "the usual" size, about 3 ft.  Almost all that we find are that size. D12 found this snake.  We were looking for cows on the ranger and he saw it as I drove by.  I have to admit it took me a few more rounds than I would like to get him.  I was hitting about 1-2 inches high.  Once I adjusted I was done.  

I am excited that this coming weekend we have been invited to an adoption event in NM.  We did this a few years ago.  Our home study has been updated and sent out.  They invited us as 2 of the kids I am most interested in are in NM.  :)   It was hinted that they would be at this event.   We are all excited.  It will be a semi fast trip. We won't take the RV but will stay in a KOA cabin in Albuquerque.  We are taking one extra day to "play".  Our plan is to go visit the oldest town in North American.  We went a few years ago but all want to go back.  Two of the kids have never been.  Prayers are appreciated for safe travel, God's will, and just a knowing what He wants of us.

I harvested our first tomatoes yesterday morning, three cherry tomatoes.  There are many tomatoes out there and the peppers are loaded.  The onions are doing great.  I planted a lot of them and they have grown well.   They are almost ready to harvest.  Then we will plant something new in those beds.  The watermelons cucumber, pumpkins and cantaloupe are all starting to come up.   We have black berries on the newly planted vines.  We also planted 4 grape vines.  One of them is loaded in grapes.   They are suppose to be seedless. 

Rain... or lack there of is starting to be on all of our minds again.  We were so blessed early this year with more rain than we received all of last year, which wasn't much.   While it rained well the first couple of months, blessing us with many wonderful flowers the rain seems to have dried up.   Please join with me in praying for rain not only for our area but area's west.  The wildfires have already started in the Ft. Davis areas this year.   They haven't had our blessed rains.  Pray for safety for those in harms way also, be they fire fighters, home/ranch owners, or just all the critters.

Ok I am sure I have forgotten several thinks I wanted to say but am out of thoughts and it has only taken me several ours of stop start to get this much updated.  May your day be totally blessed!



becky.onelittle said...

Wow- what a Eurocentric idea of history I have! I thought the oldest town was Saint Augustine, Fl. I just looked it up, and there are several older continuously occupied Indian communities. Who knew :) I just never thought about it! Thanks for enlightening me... now, how can I get to NM? hehe

Nola said...

LOL yep when you want to find OLD New Mexico gives it a whole new version. The town we are going to is Acoma, NM.